Those Vita-Only Street Fighter X Tekken Characters Are On-Disc DLC For The Console Versions

YouTube user SoulReaperTTG has managed to get a hold of all the introductions for the 12 PS Vita-only characters in Street Fighter X Tekken which releases for PS3 and Xbox 360 next week. That above is Blanka and Sakura's. The rest are available through the link below.

The prologues have no narration, just moving art. In addition to Blanka and Sakura, they cover Guy, Cody, Dudley, Elena, Alisa, Lars, Jack, Bryan, Lei and Christie.

These characters are, so far, announced only for the Vita version. The Vita version is due for release later this year. Yet if someone has their hands on the videos now, three days before the console game's release, what the hell does that mean?

They're probably console DLC, is what, and the big stink will be if this stuff is actually already on the disc. A commenter at EventHubs, which aggregated these videos, says it is (how else would we be seeing this video?) along with the Pac-Man and Mega Man characters releasing a week after launch.

Prologues for the 12 Street Fighter X Tekken PS Vita characters [EventHubs]


    Capcom seriously need to get a clue about DLC. On Disc is BS, no other way to put it. nickel and diming your customers is not a good way to develop relationships with consumers.

      I may some help to clarify this....

      But DLC stands for DOWNLOADABLE content, does it not....?

        Apparently it also means "download content from your disc to your HDD". Someone forgot the term that that particular function is called "install".

    It's amazing. If they made their fighting games more accessible by introducing a proper tutorial, they'd increase sales and revenue far more than by buttf*cking established fans with DLC.

    Meh, we'll all still chuck money at them anyways, this sad to hear, but Its not going to stop me from getting the DLC. Cannot wait for Street Fighter X Tekken.

    I like to give these companies the benefit of the doubt, but 12 DLC characters that are already on the disc that I forked out money for? No thanks.

    This week's Evil DLC rating is 5/5

    On disc DLC is the worst...

      This is the reason I'm so cold on Dragon's Dogma.

      It looks fantastic, but you just know you're going to have to fork out $5 to use a mount, or a shield, or you'll run across a dungeon that's barred until you pay up.

    I was so excited for this game when it was announced, was going to be a day 1 purchase for sure. Now I can shake the feeling that in 8-12 months that there will be an Ulitimate/Super/Arcade/Whatever version with all dlc, new characters etc.

    Think I will sit this one out for now,I already have a massive backlog of games to get through and with ME3 consuming my life for a while I just dont have time :(

      From the Interviews Capcoms been saying Street Fighter X Tekken will be a one off game, and they'll just continue to support it for as long as they can, but only time will tell if they go the Super/Mega/Ultimate/Plus Alpha/2012 Edition route

    Fingers crossed they don't do the same mistakes like Mortal kombat did. Make it difficult for players to play online who don't have the dlc.

    On Disc DLC... It's really quite sad.

    Should I just wait the arcade edition?

      I think I rolled my eyes into the back of my head.

    If the characters were on the disc there would probally be alot more than un-narrated prologues.

    may i just say that the title is very misleading, in the article it never confirms that they are on disc. just becasue there intros are on it doesn't mean that the actual characters are.

    i'd hate to pull a Chazz here, but some evidence of character models would be nice.

        okay, NOW the article is true

        i was just annoyed that beforehand, it wasn't confirmed they were on disc, but now they are, so thank you, you have more credibility than the Kotaku US writers

          A little bit of extra effort is all it takes, sometimes. ^_^

      Yeah I thought this article war jumping the gun a bit considering there was no solid evidence.
      Maybe Owen should update the article with that link to justify his outright accusation in the title eh?

    GAMEPLAY of SO-CALLED DLC characters.

    Elena, Cody, Guy and Blanka. ALL PLAYABLE.

    "The Vita version is due for release later this year."

    Not happy, Jan. I want to buy it now, not later in the year. I don't want to buy it on PS3/XBOX.

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