Three Minutes Of Beautiful Space, Just Passing Earth By

For all the Earth's problems, many of which are ugly things, all it takes is a trip into space to remind us that this giant ball of dirt can still be a remarkable beautiful place.

This stunning footage was taken from the International Space Station. If it helps you to put on some Vangelis or the Mass Effect soundtrack to set the mood, don't let me stop you.


    The ISS is my favourite video game.

    This is some amazing footage, thanks!


    Wow. What a great ending that video had.

      Lucky, or people would be setting up campaigns to force NASA to change it...

    play this with the credits song from ME3 and it works amazingly

    You've got to try harder Luke but this is still good footage.

    I don't need to go to space to see how beautiful the Earth is. San Francisco does it for me.

    I thank you Luke for abolishing my intrigue in Kotaku and spareing me time to reflect on other more important things in my life like gaming.

    Every single one of those stars could have its own planets, which may hold life. And that's just our galaxy.

    The scope is truly mind boggling.

    I don't see what's so special about this.
    I see this stuff every time I close my eyes.

    ...doesn't everyone?

    I like the part with stars.


    kies and propaganda

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