Tim Schafer Beware -- The Internet Is Serious Business

In every mobster movie/tv show ever made this plotline exists: mobster gives friend money, all nicey nicey like. Friend can't deliver on promises, mobster does bad things. Now look at the Tim Schafer situation. 'The internet' — a collective mass of 'lulz', lmfaos' and 'wtfs' — has just given Tim Schafer a lot of money. This funny little video looks at the consequences of that...

I actually think 'The Internet' in this video is a poor representation. If the internet was a human being, he/she would probably look and act more like Tetsuo at the end of Akira — a massive, terrifying shape-shifting monster of barely restrained rage — but that probably wouldn't have working in the context of this particular video, so we'll forgive Busted Pixel this once!

Thanks Tim!



    Usually DF needs to deal with fan expectations AND sales expectations from the publisher.

    So this project really has less riding on it than usuall.

    All DF needs to do is amuse their fans, and they are the best at doing that.

    They're banking on the fact that a catastrophic failure will make for an interesting documentary so that the fans will still get something out of it. I'm not sure a lot of people will see it that way, but at least they have a small counter-measure if things go wrong.

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