Tim Schafer Doesn't Speak German, But He Still Wants Your Money

Despite the fact that Tim Schafer and Double Fine have totally smashed through their target for their Kickstarter funded adventure game, there's still time to donate, which is why the team has created this pretty hilarious video to try and convince Germans (and the Dutch) to cough up more dough. So Tim Schafer can buy a yacht. Apparently.

Yep, this is good stuff. And the more I hear about this game, the more my stupid little concerns fritter away.


    Jesus I thought he was doing one of them nazi salute sat the end, before he started waving his arm.

    Ive never played an adventure game and had no idea who Tim was, but I backed this project at around the 700k mark as I wanted to support this awesome idea. It turns out that I will get my $15 of value from the videos alone. That was gold.

    LOL thats all i got to say!

    Hilarious, but this information comes too late for me to realistically contribute... dammit.

    If the unthinkable ever happens and Double Fine has to close down - I think they could probably make a living doing Youtube vids.

    I'll echo Fatshady - they've already earned the money I've given them just by their progress videos.

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