Tim Schafer Is Heading To Melbourne For Game Masters

The Australian Centre for the Moving Image (ACMI) has today announced their second special guest for their Game Masters exhibition, and that special guest in Tim Schafer.

The ACMI has released the above video as a preview of what you can expect when Tim Schafer arrives in Australia this June. The exhibition will run from June 28 through to October 28 and will feature work from designers such as Jenova Chen, Peter Molyneux, Hideo Kojima and, of course, Schafer himself.

Schafer joins Peter Molyneux in what promises to be a fascinating discussion on the word 'auteur', and what it means to be an auteur in the field of video games.

You can find more information about Game Masters here.

Tim Schafer to attend Game Masters [MCV]


    <3 Melbourne.

    Melbourne... Wow!

    I thought Puppylicks already lives in Melbourne?

      OH MAN
      Puppylicks and Tim Schafer in the same room, standing side by side.
      It'll be like looking in a mirror with a 15 year difference.

        I'm going to be in LA for all of July, so unless the talks are on the 28th or 29th I am most likely going to miss them D:

        Dammit it'd be awesome to meet Tim Schafer though, I'd probably give him a giant hug in the hopes of me gaining some of his talent through osmosis.

          New theory:
          No one has ever seen Tim Schafer and Puppylicks in the same room.

            Trust me, I'd be extremely happy to make that happen.

    Get back to work Schafer, I'm not paying you to go off gallivanting around the world!

    and once again, I miss out on seeing people I love because I live in perth

      Come on man, no one ACTUALLY lives in Perth. It's just a myth that we on the east coast spread to give the people of Adelaide hope...

        Adelaide: Proof that Tasmanians can swim.

      But you're in Perth; That means you're in the early 90's. You get to enjoy all of TIm's best works soon!

        Hey, heard of this new game called Grim Fandango? i heard it looks pretty rad!

    I'm FAIRLY sure I heard a lecturer at Deakin say Sshafer was going to be coming and talking to us...might be wrong though :(

    Holy crap.
    Schafer is the reason I became a developer and he's getting here on my birthday....

    "Schafer joins Peter Molyneux in what promises to be a fascinating discussion"

    Oh god, you should know better than to mention Peter Molyneux and promises in the same sentence.

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