Tim Schafer's New Adventure Game 'Won't Apologise For Being An Adventure Game'

I've been stupidly, and probably needlessly, cynical about Tim Schafer's Kickstarter project, but the more I hear, and the more Schafer talks about the direction of the game, the more interested I become...

My stupid, pointless worry: people were investing all their money for a pointless product that sold nostalgia while other worthy Kickstart projects remained unfunded. But, speaking to Eurogamer, Schafer dismissed that out of hand.

"It's not going to be an adventure game that apologises for being an adventure game," he said. "It's not going to be trying to be something else and have a bunch of action elements or something like that."

"But it's not a museum piece or just a nostalgia piece. It's going to be fresh and feel modern and feel like what the next game would have been if I'd made one straight after Grim Fandango."

I like the sound of this. Big time. Most attempts to update Adventure games (L.A. Noire being the most recent) have attempted to shoehorn other mechanics, whilst dumbing down the core mechanics of the 'adventure' itself. Hopefully we'll see something that truly pushes the genre forward into new territory.

[Rubs hands with glee]

Schafer: Double Fine Adventure is a "chinchilla-based snuff game" [Eurogamer]


    I don't understand your issue with this particular project, Mark. How is it different to a pre-order if you paid the $15 required? Sure there are those that went all out and laid down thousands of dollars, but what they pay for a game is their business.

    I see it more as the developer gauging demand for a project/product as opposed to panhandling.

      I know the buy in isn't that much for the standard game, but regardless of the pedigree the developers have, one of the concerns it might raise is that the end result might not be something that I personally might not be interested in, or for a certain percentage of those that chipped in.

      Normally I wouldn't pre-order a game that I have no interest in, so this instance provides more of a gamble for those that do and I guess the question that pops up is if everyone knew more about the game (theme, setting) from the beginning would they have been able to raise the capital to make it?

        Double Fine have announced another, unrelated project after the Kickstarter project kicked-off. I think they had the capital but instead needed to convince themselves there was a market for what they were proposing.

      Yeah I agree. Why be cynical in the first place? They made it pretty clear in the video (in my opinion) that it was going to be a traditional point and click adventure that fans of the genre of been wanting from them since Grim, so... why wouldn't it be? Blargh, Mark you skeptic!

    Seems like people but their backing in the right hands then. I guess there was always the concern that I'd be a game than pandered to an audience, but I guess the whole reason Schafer did this Kickstarter thing was because if he makes the game people want, it's probably not the game people will buy.

    At least now he's got the cash in hand.

    Im flying out later today to help Timboss (It's what I call him, we're good mates) develop the story and art for the game. I was going to help him fund it but Timboss said he owes me so much already and couldn't accept it.

      Thats fantastic news - also when you get there and get your official developer tag on the forums for the game - just link back here to this post to show you're not someone pretending to be someone their not >.>

    Why so cynical? It's the guys who created the best titles of the genre back doing what they love, without a parent publisher pulling the strings to make their game more appealing to the mass market.

    I find your lack of faith (or previous lack of faith) disturbing.

      Because - while Psychonauts is a brilliant game - it's control is hideous and it's art is too abstract for modern audiences. When you get playing it all makes sense and the art actually works for what it is trying to do. But if mr and mrs average come up to the box on the shelf they are going to put it down and go with something they feel more comfortable with.

      This is why CoD and BF are doing such huge sales they target the average gamer, drop the IQ required for the game and BAM instant millions.

    The Kickstarter thing is good for cashflow - before rather than at the end of the project, as well as PR - theres been like a gazillion messgaes about this.

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