Tokyo Jungle's Costumes Border On Animal Cruelty

As the release date for game developer Crispy's Tokyo Jungle approaches, more details of the game have been released. The latest info is survival points and a costume feature.

Survival points, as they are aptly named, are obtained by surviving the environment. How long your animal avatar has survived, how many calories they've consumed, how many times they've leveled up, and how many times they've procreated and moved on to the next generation, invading territory, and completing challenges all help to increase survival points which can be used to unlock more playable animals and to purchase costumes.

While the obvious question is why one needs animals to dress up in a survival game, images released show that different costumes provide different merits and minuses for the animals that are wearing them to increase their survivability, although, it's hard to see the survivability merits of a cow wearing a schoolgirl's outfit… There's one panty shot I DON'T want to see.

Tokyo Jungle will be released in Japan on June 7th.

Tokyo Jungle [Crispy's]


    The fallout over this once PETA finds out about will be GLORIOUS.

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