Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater HD May Receive Levels From Later Games As DLC

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater HD May Receive Levels From Later Games As DLC

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 3. Sweet lord I spent hours on the airport level. Hours. So when I heard that the Tony Hawk’s HD remake was only going to feature levels from the first two games, I wept some seriously salty tears. Now Tony Hawk himself is saying that dropping in levels from later games as DLC is a possibility. Thank you based Tony Hawk. Thank you.

“The dream of doing this is we can throw levels from 3 and 4 and make them downloadable in this,” said Hawk, speaking to Joystiq. “We can use this as a foundation and platform for that. I really want this to be a foundation we build on so we can do more levels, more skaters, more content that you can download because this is kind of revolutionary to do a franchise game as only downloadable.”

Nothing has been confirmed officially as of yet, but we’re totally imagining Tony Hawk dressed up as Gene Wilder’s version of Willy Wonka, ordering all the Activision Oompa Loompas to do his bidding, whilst singing ‘In A World Of Pure Imagination’.

I don’t know where that came from. Main point being — I would very much like a HD remake of the Airport level from Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 3 please.

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater HD could receive levels from other THPS games as DLC [Joystiq]


  • I am far more concerned with the soundtrack, which, quite frankly, is what i remember most of THPS 1-4.

    • *drum roll intro into guitars* “Tell us where you’re from, what you want to become. And we’ll say if you’re OOOOO KAAAAAY!” *missed the leap of faith, hit restart* * Drum roll intro into guitars*….

      All I remember is that and the Mos Def B-Boy Document tune. Good times!

      • You tell me what I wanna hear
        I hear it all with my ears
        But that won’t do me any use
        So I use my eyes to see the truth
        I’ve got CYCO VISION
        I use CYCO VISION
        I said CYCO VISION
        I see with CYCO VISION

        great song 😀

      • Agreed. I have good memories of the music from the first two Tony Hawk’s games. But I played 3 through to American Wasteland on the Xbox, so I used custom soundtracks.

        • I believe I’ll be storing all the relevant soundtracks on my 360 and creating said custom soundtrack, if only for the nostalgia overload…

  • I used to destroy my friends’ scores when playing horse on the airport level. Good times, for my anyway, not so much my friends 😛
    I’m still more excited for the THPS 1 & 2 levels, but if this DLC does happen I’ll throw my wallet at my 360. 😛

    • I’ll be happy with doing as Rodney Mullen, Officer Dick & Custom Skater are in this. But yeah, I’ll buy it regardless.

  • Sounds cool, but I have to wonder…
    If I remember correctly THPS2 and 3 introduced new mechanics such as using manuals and vert ramps in the middle of combos, and I imagine the levels from those games were designed with those mechanics in mind.

    So the question is, will stages from the later games have the same flow if you are playing on them using the less flexible mechanics from THPS1? Will lines naturally designed for combos using verts and manuals feel like they suddenly stop dead?

    On the other hand this could work well, maybe it will make the levels more refreshing because it will force players look for new lines in these maps that they never had to use before.

    Or perhaps I’m looking too deeply into this 😛

    • Not at all Puppy! You raise a really good point here, there were some levels in THPS1 that’d limit combos ( Compared to what you could pull off in 2 & 3 ) like The Mall and Downhill Jam ( If the 2 minute time limit is in place ) because of it’s “stroll-like” design. Not to mention how opened spaced many of the levels were looking back on it, Kudos!

    • Remember Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2X?

      Not many people do because it didn’t get a local release. Basically, Tony Hawk for the original Xbox had levels from both games in it. Worked fairly well.

      Also of note: Tony Hawk 2 for the PC actually came with many of the levels for THPS1 in it. I devoured all the info I could find on the internet, hacked up the executable to point to the correct data, ran it, and voila! It was pretty glorious.

      I certainly can’t say the levels were busted in any way, and it sure was interesting manualing all over the place. But it has been over 10 years since I played those levels and I know my memory’s rusty.

      • Levels from THPS were also in THUG 2 and THAW. They worked alright with combos but not as well as later levels

  • See… now THIS is the way DLC should be done! 😀

    This will be fething awesome!!!


  • I LOVE REVERTS.. BUT… As far as using them for levels from 1 & 2, I say it will ruin it, hear me out: We have games that have the classic levels on the PS2, we trying to feel the classic PS1 feel. Now if the revert doesn’t work now, but will for THPS 3 & 4 DLC later, Tony will be wiping his ass with a lot of 15 dollar bills (wait what?)

  • The problem is that the original levels aren’t designed with the new moves in mind! Warehouse was on either TH 3 or 4, and I was sooo excited to play it because I used to crack a million in two minutes on PSX. But playing it with reverts and manuals was boring as hell, because there was nothing you could do with them.
    It wasn’t like Airport, which had those lovely long escalators to hop between, or San Francisco, where you could grind the first rail in front of you as the level starts, combo around the entire elevel, and end up where you began.
    As soon as I saw TH:HD’s announcement, memories of that disappointment flooded back. Playing tracks from 3 and 4 in HD, though, sounds BOSS.

    My mate and I played the sh/t outta this game so tonight we dug up an old PS2 (non slimline 🙂 ) and played some THPS3. Playing slap on suburbia like the hours we spent as youth.

  • i just wanna know when the release date is for down under aka austraila 😛 i can down load the original songs

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