Too Human Sequel Is Still Possible, Claims Dyack

Too Human Sequel Is Still Possible, Claims Dyack

Too Human suffered from a fairly difficult development period, and received a bit of a critical beating upon release, but the game retains a cult following. According to Silicon Knights boss Denis Dyack, there is still a possibility that a sequel may see the light of day.

“I think as long as Silicon Knights is still around there is still hope,” he said, talking to Industry Gamers. “You know, in some ways Too Human got a bad rap, and there are all kinds of details. A lot of what happened with Too Human is going to come out in the court case, which is May 14.”

The court case Dyack is referring to is Silicon Knights legal dispute with Epic, after Denis Dyack accused them of not providing enough Unreal Engine support during Too Human’s development.

“Bottom-line, and this is pretty public, we went through hell last generation by trying to adopt the Unreal Engine,” claimed Dyack. “It hurt us so dramatically that it affected us a lot, all the way through. You know, we’re hoping to fix that this gen. We’ve suffered a lot, that’s all I can say.”

Too Human got a bad rap, sequels still possible says Dyack [Industry Gamers]


  • WOOO!~!!
    I’M IN A CULT!!!

    I really enjoyed the first game and am one of the few that played it through to the end. Yes, the gameplay was repetitive as hell, and the controls were certainly weird, and if you died you could go and make dinner while you waited for the Valkyrie animation to finish.
    BUT there were A LOT of GREAT ideas and a really interesting universe with characters that i really, really enjoyed.
    I thought it was quite brilliant in some ways, and the extreme cliff-hanger ending was a real kick in the nuts especially when i discovered that the chances of a second were slim!!!

    Here’s hoping they can work everything out and give us the ending we need! 😀

    • I actually thought the game had alot of potential but I couldn’t get through it. Mostly due to the fact of spending 90% of my time waiting for that frigging Valkyrie to finish it’s damn animation.

    • The setting, the plot and everything was incredibly interesting and I wanted a lot more of it. The core of the game had a lot of interesting ideas as well, effectively it was designed to be a Diablo-style multiplayer dungeon crawler. Really, it wasn’t that bad – a lot of the problem was Dyack himself alienating the core audience.

      The real problem was the core gameplay wasn’t great. The controls always felt weird, like they had been unconventional for the sake of being unconventional. Death had no impact, and there wasn’t really any effective defenses either, you could basically just corpse rush everything. Enormous grind. Clearly not the game they wanted to release, but forced out the door to try and make good on the years of investment. Shame, really. I feel like if they’d made it a conventional brawler it would have been fairly well accepted.

      • I actually found the core gameplay really fun. I finished the game with most character classes and still love it to pieces.

    • Yeah, this. I never finished Too Human (and I traded it in so I never will) but I’d be willing to check out Still Two Damn Human: the Sequelling if it addressed the issues loops raised.

      I wouldn’t have minded the combat so bad if it didn’t throw enemies at you that explode on contact so you shouldn’t melee them, but at the same time make guns completely worthless. Then I wouldn’t have had to see that valkyrie animation so often.

  • It was intended to be the first of a trilogy, originally. I hope they do a sequel and tidy things up a bit.
    The original game was unfairly bashed by the masses, due to it being nigh-vaporware and Dyack being a tool.

    Played a lot of this game, and was especially fun with a friend. Hope this is true.

  • Hopefully they can continue to build on this universe and bring about a compelling story and game, akin to what they achieved with Eternal Darkness.

  • A firm example of a crappy game that can be made infinitely better by bro-op. Still need to go back for my last acheivement some day…

  • Dear God… Why would you traumatise us with another game? Too Human remains, to this day, one of the worst games I’ve played this generation – if not ever.

  • Consider me a cultist. Really enjoyed this game.
    action rpg blending norse mythology and sci-fi goodness? Yes Please!!

    • Are you thinking of Eternal Darkness? The Longest Journey was developed by Funcom, not Silicon Knights, and actually did get a sequel. The sequel is called Dreamfall, I think. 🙂

  • I love how he constantly ignores the amount of games that came out at the same time as too human on the UE engine and tries to spin it as Epic’ fault.

    You guys dropped the ball, get over it and move on.

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