Trials Evolution Has A Release Date!

I don't take it quite as seriously as some of the commenters here at Kotaku Australia, but Trials Evolution is one of my most anticipated games of 2012. Now it has a release date, and it's sooner than you might expect!

According to Major Nelson, Trials Evolution is set for release April 18, just under four weeks, and will cost 1200 Microsoft space bucks.

The original Trials HD is one of my favourite XBLA games of all time, and Trials Evolution looks like a massive leap forward for the series. So, yes, I'm unashamedly hyped.


    This is indeed great news.

    Trials, hey? Is this game good? Should I spend my hard earned time and points on it?

      its actually funny how many people troll me now about this.. haha. I know batguy is a sucker for good competition so i know he's keen!

    in b4 Fatshady

      Oh man, we actually posted at the same time, so you beat me by less than a second... try and do that in Evo Harli.. I dare ya!

    Trials EVOLUTION Mark... *shakes head, then fist at you*

    "According to Major Nelson, Trials HD is set for release April 18"


    Oh also, note that this is also the first XBLA game ever to utilise the increased 400 gamerscore achievement level. Still only 20 cheevo's. but they are worth more... any cheevo whores out there better take note...

    I have been saving the last of my MS points I got from the xmas comp from Chuloopa for this. I can't remember how many I have left though. Hopefully I set aside enough!

    Between this and Wrecked: Revenge Revisited (the follow up to Mashed on the origninal Xbox - coming out next week, I can see a lot of pizza, beers and lounge time for me and three mates over the next few months.

    CAN'T WAIT!!!

    I'm more keen for this game on behalf of FatShady than for myself, but still pretty keen for some multi!

    If it really is good, it will end up on PC. If not, its shit. Thats how Xbox exlusives work. Thats why Halo 3 is not on PC. Cos its shit.

      I quite enjoyed halo 3.
      Also, Skate never came out on PC and it's not a bad game too.

        Its not an Xbox exlusive tho. Skate came out on PS3 AND 360.

      Nah, all PC players just pirate so it's not worth it for the developers.

        Console games are just easier to play, connect, and use. Also alot easier on the wallet unless you pirate every single game. Then meybe youll get your money's worth. Unless of course money is not an issue.

      You are totally right. I never realised this. Gears of War 3 and Forza 4 are also 'shit'. Also Shaddow Complex is 'shit'. Im sure there are other 'shit' games that i can't think of. Great post.

        Actully, the Forza games are an exepiton to the rule, as there racing games, and work better with a game pad anyway. Other than that, you are right.

          Mate you are fine to not like those games. Most of the responses directed at you are about the generalisation you made. I prefer xbox but have and play on all three systems. Stating that games are bad just because they are on only xbox or just consoles just isn't really true and you even confirmed this yourself with your Forza comment, so this really is you proving yourself wrong (as a generalisation). But each to their own dude.

          PS. I would actually argue that racing games are better on PC. I've seen good driving set ups for RFactor and those are MUCH better on PC than console. Even the console wheels are rubbish by comparison (unless you use the good PC ones on PS3).

            But, why you mad bro?

              Im not mad, just pointing out that you made a generalisation that you then contradicted within the space of a few posts.

            "I prefer xbox but have and play on all three systems"

            Y U NO LOVE WII, FAT SHADY!?

              haha I gave it away a while back. Just not for me. I tried to like it but couldn't. Perhaps I should have said all three systems that are capable high def graphics or ones running on current gen technology hahaha (Now I'm trolling) :)

              You know I love you and your lack of quality third party releases ;)

    He mad.

    Please iinet, ensure my internet is connected by the 18th......PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!

    I'm gonna quit my job, dump my girlfriend, set my car on fire and buy the biggest bucket of fried chicken you've ever seen and never leave the house again.

    I like how easy it is to troll people on Kotaku.... lolz

      It's because we're nice people and not used to trolls.

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