Trine 2 Gets Six New Stages This Winter

Frozenbyte, the makers of Trine 2, informed the site XBLA Fans at GDC that the game will be getting six new stages plus other content in downloadable content to arrive this winter.

The package will also include a new story and new character skills. Frozenbyte's Mikael Haveri said fans should expect plenty of puzzles. Additionally, Haveri said the studio's next project would not be a sequel, and that they're looking at building another $US15 game to be distributed over Xbox Live, PlayStation Network and Steam.

Frozenbyte Talks Trine 2 DLC and a New IP [XBLA Fans]


    Kotaku please, report on how many gamers think mass effect 3 endings were to just so terrible. Ruined the third just to set up for a future setting for mass effect 4. I have read every article on this site for quite a while, being afraid to oppose Ea is gutless and i expected much more from your site

      That was an unexpected bit of gamer rage. I'll ask you not to speak of ME3 in a non-ME3 article please, as I haven't played it yet and don't want anything spoiled, even anything as seemingly innocuous as "the endings are terrible".

      Now, how about that Trine 2?
      Does anyone know why I can't find Tri

    I tried to find Trine 2 on my Xbox Arcade this morning and couldn't find it.

    Can anyone explain why?

      This is some bullshit right here. Even Frozenbyte don't know why it's not out here:

        its not out for aussie or nz apparently, can blame your rating system for that, i did get a demo on my US account and loved it, but cant seem to purchase it with my NZ creditcard

          Rating system?? This is a proper aecade game not some indie channel confection. And it's not like it's got corpse fiddling either. Doesn't make sense!

          Rating system is nothing to do with it - it's out on the Australian PSN store. It's even free for PS+ subscribers!

      No idea. Definitely on PSP. got it free with ps+. I think it comes out on xbla next week.

      I emailed them a few months ago - it was supposed to be released late Dec 2011 - they said it was out of their hands. I guess MS just don't give a sh*t about it. It's a shame, I was really looking forward to it.

    Love Trine 2 on PC, hoping we get these extra levels too.

      Sweet. I've got trine 1 in a bundle of some sort but haven't played it. Should give it a go.

    PS+ users got Trine 2 for free this month. Suck it, 360 users!

    I'm just kidding. Here, have some kisses and hugs - xoxoxo

    Still to finish Trine 1 but I have really enjoyed what I've seen and played. Hopefully when I finish it *looks at pile of shame* Trine 2 DLC will be available in a neat bundle with the game.

    Either way, if the game's story allows it, please let there be a Trine 3. Frozenbyte are awesome and now how to make platforming look rad and be so much fun.

    Fingers crossed for free DLC on PC

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