Turning Dollar Bills Into Works Of Video Game Art

Reader Thayer likes to take legal tender and draw all over it. While that's technically illegal, we're going to hold off on reporting him to the authorities, because any man who turns Abe Lincoln into the Dovahkiin is OK in our books.

The shots you see are just some of his more gamey works; you'll find plenty more at his blog, which has the wonderful name "The Dastardly Dollar Bill Art of Lord Thayer"

The Dastardly Dollar Bill Art of Lord Thayer [Tumblr]


    Meh $100 notes or gtfo. Not a bad effort though. Reminds me of that super mario world note.

      hmm... Reminds me of http://edge.ebaumsworld.com/picture/granby119/DSC00457.JPG

    isn't it illegal in american to alter money?

      Yes, as stated in the second sentence of the article.

      I know of no country called American.

        No no. the people are called American dumbass. the country is called Amerrycum.

    Whay a 'capital' idea, and a nice 'change' of style. I can think of a 'wealth' of ideas that could be added to the money. I'm gald the artist is having 'funds' with his art.

      Omg pun overload, dying... auuaaaauuugh!

    yay $50 down the drain!

    I'd love it if the artist's work is classified as high art and he ends up selling a $10 note for hundreds of thousands of dollars.

    Way to cheat with GAME credit notes.

    There's a guy on instagram that does this too, it's cool.

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