Two Of The Rarest And Coolest 3DS Handhelds

These aren't just glossy white 3DS units. They are, for Metal Gear fans, two of the coolest pieces of merchandise they will ever lay their eyes upon. Those sketches were drawn directly onto the handhelds by long-time series artist Yoji Shinkawa. The signature on the right? It's the John Hancock of series creator and boss Hideo Kojima.

The handsome pair are being given away as a competition for the launch of Snake Eater 3D in Japan, so chances are you'll never own one. That's OK. Let's just look at the pictures and pretend we do.

新川洋司直筆イラスト入り3DSも展示『METAL GEAR SOLID 3D』発売記念イベント [Inside, via Tiny Cartridge]


    Those are pretty awesome looking, but won't it smear/wear off ?

    Collectors item, you don't play it

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