Unchained Blades Coming To 3DS As A Downloadable Title?

XSEED yesterday teased a new game release, which turns out to be Unchained Blades, the Western title for the dungeon crawler UnchainBlades ReXX. Nintendo Power, in its latest edition, also reports that this game will be a digital download, one of the first full-size titles to be made available that way on the 3DS.

We've reached out to an XSEED representative for additional details. Nintendo has recently expanded its downloadable availabilities on the 3DS eShop, including offering paid downloadable content for the first time, as well as traditional arcade-sized titles like Zen Pinball

Rumour: Unchained Blades Coming To Nintendo 3DS As A Download Title [Siliconera]


    If super niche eastern titles can find thier way to the west via DD then I'm all for that.

    If niche eastern titles make thier way to the west via DD then I'm all for that.

    Well thats nice...

    Now for step 2. Will it come out on the AU shop? =/

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