Want To Play Star Wars: The Old Republic For Free? Or Course You Do

Hey everyone, you know Bioware has another game right? A game that is also set in space in a massive cross media universe with a massively intense fan base. I'm talking, of course, about Star Wars: The Old Republic, and if you feel like playing it this weekend, you could check it out for free.

Because BioWare is currently offering players a free weekend pass. If you head here on Thursday, March 15 at 12:01AM CT, you can get started. There's no way to pre-prepare yourself for the pass, you can't sign up now, but if you go to that specified address when the trial starts, you can enter the required details and download the trial.

Apparently some restrictions apply — for more details head here.


    Considering that the game is 20gb, a pre load would be kinda helpful.

      It would take me all weekend just to get it. <-- 10GB limit before shaping :P

        Ouch! Even if you managed to download it you wouldn't be able to play.

          dude what connection to you have???? and whats it costing you???

      You can pre load without an active subscription. I did it the day before I bought the game, Just download the client and then make an account on the website. If it needs to be a new account that weekend to play, just make another one and log in with that instead after its downloaded. Peachy.

    a free weekend already... i got a baaaaad feeeling about this.

      having played for a fair bit of my free month - it sort of deserves it. The game shows just how arrogant bioware is.

      They've only just added customisable UI.there are major issues with bugs that haven't been fixed, its incredibly linear and there is so my flavour of the month going around its just stupid. (I think 60% of the player base plays sorcerer/sage)

      Its basically still a beta.

        LOLZ. Your idea of beta is basicly a fully releced game without stuff the most games don't have. 'Oh, but its an MMO' NO. IT IS NOT an MMO. It is an MMO RPG. a ROLE PLAYING GAME. MMO is not a type of game. It is a refrence to how many people can play at one time on one server.

          "IT IS NOT an MMO. It is an MMO RPG. a ROLE PLAYING GAME. "


          My idea of a beta is a version of a game where core features (please, they copied wow - the basic features should be there) are nearly or fully completed and implemented and that there are bugs that should be fixed.

          I played for a good 20 days during the holidays, there are a huge number of bugs, basic things such as a combat log and at that stage a customisable UI were missing.

          When the game was released there were a huge number of things missing/not working properly.

            Actually, you'll find that it's very, VERY much like KOTOR. Which came out before WoW - Which means you are wrong.

        Wow, the attatude of some gamers staggers me. Calling Bioware arrogant because what? They've alread released several major updates, and more to come. They are including customizable UI's, so I don't see how that can be such an issue.
        The game play is a Story Driven MMO, which means that the story directs you, making it linear. Much as the other KOTOR games were. The problem with any MMO is how much you can actually allow the players to affect the universe without breaking the experiance for other players.
        As for the flavour of the Month comment, thats pretty much the same as other MMOs. I remember playing WoW during WotLK when Paladins where everywhere. Same with Hunters during the Burning Crusade. You can put this down to people who min-max their character to get the best possible stats.
        My experience with this is that it's as polished an MMO as most of the ones out there. Sure there is room to grow, and there are areas where bugs exist, but for a day 1 launch it was silky smooth.
        Where I to hazard a guess, you sound like someone who is still pissy with Bioware about something like the day 1 DLC on Mass Effect 3, but I could also be wrong.

          Because there were significant issues at launch, there were bugs and i reported them, at stages there were game breaking issues. My computer more than met the minimum requirements (in fact i was playing on ultra @ 60+ fps)

          I'd just paid the full price for the game. Bioware was not very involved on the forums or responding to my in-game requests for help. At the same time when they were on the forums they were trumpeting how great everything was rather than addressing some significant issues.

          Its hardly a story driven MMO - there is a story, and I quite enjoyed it on my Marauder - but basically it was still the same quests (excluding story) for every single other empire class once they reached dromuund kaas. There wasn't a choice.

          Its a poor product compared to other offerings on the market thats all im saying - doesn't help the developer is pretty up themselves about the issues that many people are finding and ignored them on the forums.

          Yes I care about the mass effect DLC. But SWTOR left a bad taste in my mouth,

            Ok, granted there are a ton of side quests that are shared across all classes, and if you are leveling multiple characters at the same time it will stick out like a sore thumb. Its content filler and every MMO has it, but considering the costs of developing the game, the multiplying that out by about 6 to cover all classes, it's really not surprising that they did recycle quests.
            And yes there are still the similar style quests you find in other MMO's where its kill X bad guys, collect Y items or whatever it is, but at least with a voiced story behind it, I found (obviously this is from my own view point) far more interested in why I was killing those bad guys.
            I also did encounter some issues (I couldn't drop one mission skill and collect another), but they were dealt with quite promptly by the support team. Again, I'm not saying that's the case for everyone, just my experience with it.

              I and most of my guild had significant issues.

                I have to say that you seem to be very biased about SWTOR. I played WOW from vanilla and that was a bug ridden, linear game that shared all quests between classes and that back then, there were very little or none at all class specific quests. I cannot understand how an enitre guild has had issues without fact on what they are to back that kind of statement up.

                This game is by far one of the most story driven MMO's I have seen. I have played quite alot. (Everquest, Eve, Everquest 2(briefly), SWG, Global Agenda(can't really class this as an MMO and its one of the worst examples I have seen, did look promising though), WOW(every expansion and stopped playing early Cata due to franchise fatigue).

                I will give any MMO a go but bashing one because you say you have had "problems" without backing them up kind says that you havn't really researched it because I havn't found that many issues in SWTOR and nothing game breaking......

                  Youre RIGHT this the most story based MMO YOU have played ;)

                  If u rlly wan't a story based MMORPG, you should wait for FF-14 to get it's 2.0 patch, that will be a game worth paying and playing.

                  My Oppinion: I have played SWTOR this weekend, for free, and tbh i really liked it, there were some bugs, but rly not any huge ones, the only ones i encountered was 1 particular 1, i had haste on my bounty-hunter, and everytime i had a ''conversation'' it was fast forward'ed and my max lv. was 15 anyway xD so i don't know if there were other bugs later in the game.

          bioware is not arrogant because the game is mediocre, but because they are constantly patting themselves on the back. I mean look at the constant "We innovated, in other games multiple people beat up on one monster, in our game you don't" and what 10 seconds later somebody proves that they lied with a video of people beating up on one monster. Or "We're so good, people spend on average 4 hours per session on our game" uhh, it's an MMO, 4 hours average is pretty much industry standard.

    Damn it!
    My engagement party is this weekend and we have family staying with us.
    No time for gaming. :(

    I'm loving it

    Copywrite 2012 McDonald's Pty Ltd.

    fingers crossed that its a cut down client, surely we dont need the entire 20 gigs for 48 hours...

      Good point. The starting world only would actually be a good enough taste for most people.

    But do you still have to buy the game?

    The FAQ's 1st question is "So how do I buy the game?"

    If this is the case, it's not free. It's just free play for the weekend.

      It'll be like other free trials. You won't need to buy the game right away, you'll just have to create an account, play for the weekend, then if you want to continue playing beyond that, THEN you need to purchase it.

        but either way, they already have your account on file, so now they can claim to have even more registered accounts than before and inflate the numbers for when stockholders come calling.

    Story driven lols. 5 min voice acting for kill 10 droid quests

      It's still a step up from the standard block of text with an accept button.

        Did you not mash spacebar through all the side quests? Id rather text and accept button if it means more time and money spent on more important issues then a amatuer british voice actor telling me to kill another 3 generators

          Hell NO! Some of the lines my Sith Warrior comes out with are the funniest shit I've heard in a long time. Talk about evil...

            "I will bring the Republic to it's knees!"
            "I can't wait to start killing!"
            "Spread the word of my success!"
            "Stop talking! I'll do it..."

    geez, didn't take long for the WOW effect to take it's toll on this game

      This game was never going to be a success - it's lore is too big and being set before the Movies means everything you do is pointless in a storyline sense. Plus the game has Lucas dripping his horrible infection of crap all over it.

        Blizzdrone much?

          Not enough Kung Fu Panda for his liking...

        What the hell are you talking about ? This game has nothing with the movies ? This is just a game where u can feel that you are 1 of the Heroes/Bad Guys of the Star Wars Universe ! Who hasen't wished to be part of the Star Wars Universe while he was a kid watching these series of Awesome movies ? This is all based on Star Wars, the only exception is that YOU now are the main character ;o

    What is it about MMORPGS that let companies think they can ship a half finished product and then poorly support it for months on end, and when they get bored of that make it free to play.

    STO i am looking at you.

    I really enjoyed the Beta, but I haven't got around to playing the real thing, yet.


    So what time will that site open up here in Sydney? I haven't the faintest clue what the CT time is.

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