Warren Spector Talks Epic Mickey 2, And Why It Had To Be A Musical

Warren Spector Talks Epic Mickey 2, And Why It Had To Be A Musical

Would life be better if it was a musical? No. The answer is no, because I hate musicals. But Warren Spector loves musicals, especially Disney musicals, and in this interview he explains why. And also talks about Epic Mickey 2.

In fact, I think Disney musicals are probably the exception to my hating of musicals. And Team America… and South Park. Wait a minute — maybe I actually like musicals.

Anyway… I’m glad Warren Spector and Junction Point are getting a second shot at making a Mickey Mouse game. Spector is clearly passionate about the universe, and the first game had a lot going for it.

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  • I like animated musicals compared to live action musicals. Movies like aladdin, Lion King had great musical sections.

  • Looking forward to seeing how the game turns out. I like musicals, but (apart from most Disney ones) they need a catch or something interesting.
    Dr Horrible and Repo the Genetic Opera are good examples. And of course Cannibal the Musical.

    To see if life would be better if it was a musical you could check out the Buffy musical episode. As much as I like that episode, life would be horrible that way. And that’s ignoring all the people who can’t sing.

    Anyone not sure if they like musicals, or even if you do, should check out Paw’s Music Movie review series on Thatguywiththeglasses.com. Entertaining rundown on different musicals and it’s gotten me interested in a few I otherwise wouldn’t have been.

      • I really like the movie, but not so much the soundtrack.
        It all comes together nicely in the movie, but listening to the album I don’t think much of Johnny Depps (and a couple of others) singing.

        • I still quite like the soundtrack. but I’ll admit, fake cockney accents aren’t all the musically pleasing.

          It was originally a broadway musical, so their singing was much better if that’s your concern. I borrowed that soundtrack from my local library and it’s also great!

  • First I was like :O
    Then I was like >8(
    Then I was all 😛
    Now I’m all ^_^

    But basically yeah, musicals are awesome

  • Release on the other platforms besides Wii makes me very happy. It was rather painful having a Warren Spector title that I couldn’t play.

  • Hey Warren, Love your work. Save yourself some time and skip Mickey 3. Finish some other trilogies you started instead. Ultima Underworld 3, System Shock 3. Know what I mean? Good. Get to work, son!


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