Watch An MMO PC Gamer Shoot His Way Into An FPS Player's Console Game

The clip here is short, but incredibly cool. On the left is Eve Online, a spectacular sci-fi massively multiplayer game, which you can play on a computer. On the right is upcoming first-person shooter Dust 514, which you will be able to play on a PlayStation 3.

The games take place in the same universe. They even connect to each other. So a player in the free-to-play FPS can call in an orbital strike from the MMO player.

That's what happens in this clip, which we captured from a now-concluded livestream that was transmitted from the development studio CCP's Evefest event last week. The CCP guys were showing how 514 works. This is the part we just had to show you.

Great stuff, CCP!


    Imagine if all the armies in the world were gamer demographics, and you had your pick of which army to take to battle. OBVIOUSLY you'd pick the PS3 online shooter demographic. Well-known for its skill, size, and enthusiasm.

      hehe, nice one.

      I'd take all of America's male 8 year old children and give them sniper rifles. I couldn't then possibly lose anything.

        I'd create a social media awareness campaign called SONY 2012 to try and stop you.

      they would be insane not to release this game to PC to where all the real gamers over 12 are!
      otherwise all the eve players would be getting little sqeaking voice asking for orbital strikes to kill the %^$^#$#^$%^#^#&^#$&^#$&^# as they all think they mommies are listening.

    This is incredibly cool.

    Wow, that looks awesome. I hope the end product is implemented well and that the game is successful.

    It looks like the EVE Online player has to sit above the planet to provide assistance. I can see this being cool to start, but what if all the EVE players get tired of sitting outside a planet's orbit waiting for orders? Seems like it would definitely get tiresome...

      They are eve players. They never tire of sitting around doing tweaking their spreadsheets :P

        I think u mean 'spinning their ships'.

      More like sitting there as a rather large and fat duck waiting for some savvy hunters to come along. Player A has his head stuck in a world view map popping ground targets and fails to notice the reds coming in to ruin his day. It's not hard to imagine someone on the receiving end of an orbital strike asking for a hot-drop on the orbiting ship.

    I was interested until they announced it's PS3 exclusive. Still a cool idea though.

      So far PS3 is the only console that is cross compatible with PC (Portal 2 coop), I can only assume it's for the same reasons.

        Not true.

        The Xbox 360 and PC had a fleeting moment with a game called 'Shadowrun'

        It was actually pretty successful in bringing balance between console and PC gaming.

    it would be great if you were an EVE player and you received points or something for helping out 514 players that were in your 'alliance' or guild.

    so you could be playing eve doing whatever you do and you get a 'distress call' from some planet to come and help and you send in the cavalry.

    Why would you make a PC game support a PS3 game in a co-op kind of way and make it PS3 exclusive? It's completely retarted. The concept is cool and I eagerly await the day that any platform can play with any other one, but until then, this is a gimick.

      They tried making FPS games cross console wars, it ended up a complete flop because the console players could not keep up with the PC players.
      Not because of skill differences, just because the mouse + keyboard is just flat out better in every way against a controller.
      The only way to balance it would be add mouse + keyboards to consoles (that aren't shit) or force PC gamers to use a controller (like any self respecting PC player would do that.. lol)

    i cant wait to call in bombMARDments!

    Really, what incentive is Eve online offering to players to get them to babysit some free to play FPSers?
    It just seems like the social cohesion destined to fall a part when one side gets bored.

    Just seems like it asks to much of the strangers when it comes to cooperation in a game.

      I would suggest that if you were hiring some one/people you might have a vested interest & perhaps it wouldn't be a bad thing to ensure that your investment was looked after BY CARPET BOMBING THE SHIT OUT OF THE OTHER GUYS!

      I like what I'm seeing.

    This intrigues me. I've heard about this since Dust 514 was first announced, back when I was playing EVE Online. Now my dad still plays it, and you say it is free to play, and my housemate recently bought a PS3....this could work out very well for me. :D

    yeah pretty cool but still, it'll suck if u were on the other team getting repeatedly bombed the shit out of u without being able to retaliate at all

    If Star Wars Battlelfront 3 was like this, and had ground-air flights.....i'd sell my soul to anyone

    What about the opposing team? What if no one happens to fly by to support them? Seems like a mostly one sided battle then...

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