Watch Max Payne's New Cinematic Style In Action

Yesterday I posted a Max Payne 3 hands on and, while I loved the way Rockstar has recreated the frenetic action of Max Payne, I wasn't too keen on the some of the tricks being used in the cinematics. I get the feeling I might be in the minority on this, so the release of this new developer diary from Rockstar is nicely timed. I'm keen on hearing what you guys think about the new cinematic style of Max Payne 3.

I love the way the action flows from cut-scene to interactive gameplay, but I'm not too fussed with having the dialogue appear on the screen — it just seems a like overkill. Still, the gunplay is well implemented, and Rockstar is doing some great things with character animations.



    I suppose you can switch off the subtitles?
    Trailer looks awesome btw, will have to give this game a go (unless R* is using the R* social club crap again)

    wow.... i have to admit that video has taken me from skeptic to impressed....
    the words being displayed on screen gives it that comic feel..
    i like it.. i take back my previous fears.

    fingers crossed

    Looks great. Better than I thought.

    Looks very Tony Scott, with the subtitles, colours and editing style.

    So am I the only person who thinks this is stupid?
    Hey guys, let's slap a few random spoken words on the screen every few seconds. That's totally comic book style, right?

    Max Payne's graphic novel style cutscenes were great. Normal, everyday cutscenes with character models are fine. This? It's a bloody joke.

      Its all about presentation and atmosphere, keep in mind these days they have to cater for people who aren't interested in decent games, they just want shooty shooty kill kill... this way its a nice medium between the Fans of the originals and a way to keep the twitter generation interested.

        Im sorry did you play the originals? you know... the originals where the ONLY thing you did was shooty kill kill? take off those rose coloured glasses friend. been replaying it again via steam lately and they both hold up great with good stories but dont go making them something theyre not.

        theyre not indepth adventure games
        theyre not indepth rpgs
        theyre definitely not oscar worthy noir pieces.

        however they ARE well written third person shooters. Emo max has been done to death. lets see what broken retired max has to offer.

          oh and as for random spoken words... max 1 and 2 had whole speech bubbles. point moot.

            Also learn to pay attention mate i was defending the game in this specific post.

          sorry mate but you must have played a different set of max payne games than me, and most of the other fans..
          The game was one of the greats for story telling, the way the story pulled you in and made you care about what happened next, you dont get that in games anymore, its all about instant gratification in todays gaming world.
          seriously if you didn't see that you were playing the wrong max payne games... or your a soulless ginger.

          There was actually a lot of depth to the narrative and Max's character if you paid any attention at all. But it seems the majority didn't.

          My brother skips all cutscenes and just gets to the killing. I'd say he's probably closer to the average 'person who played Max Payne' than I am.

    Mark you are right, the game looks amazing....and the gun play/action looks top notch. I also agree that the text within the cut scenes is an overkill. From what I saw in this trailer, the cut scenes lack a little of imagination, IMO. I am still picking it up though :)

    I think the cinematic style is a bit of a hit and miss. Maybe im just a sucker for black and white graphic novels. However Im loving that seamless cut between cutscene and gameplay. That should really become the norm for 3rd person games.

    Looks pretty awesome to me - shame they couldn't get the same voice actor from Max Payne 2 :(

      what??? James McCaffrey did both 1 and 2 and is doing 3....

    Definitely give props to rockstar for innovation and trying out new style.
    But personally I think the whole style doesn't feel like a Max Payne game.
    Just because he has inner monologues, and drinks alcohol doesn't make the character a lonely reluctant hero going whose hurting inside because his family was killed.

    Max Payne 1 and 2 does this really well. Don't doubt this will at least be a decent game but it won't be because of the atmosphere thats for sure.


      If I'm honest with myself, I'll prolly end up picking it up eventually. But I know it'll just be for the gameplay.

    The only game this year along with GTAV, am willing to forget the bullshit Digital Distribution pricing and bear the costs because I cant wait and both appear to be totally worth the money. Rockstar haven't let me down yet, the Warriors was f'ing amazing experience, Rockstar Toronto, dont let me down on what looks like a EPIC game.

    I played Max 1 & 2 only a few months ago for the first time, the games really hold up in today's time and the slow motion gun driving never got old for me. Cant wait to do it again in the glorious Max Payne 3 beauty engine

    To be totally honest I anticipate these cutscenes will be giving me migraines.

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