Watch Robots Explode In This Hawken Teaser

Here's a new teaser for Hawken, the great-looking free-to-play mech shooter that will be out this December for PC.

Because really, what's a Saturday morning without exploding robots?


    This is the exact reason i need a new computer .ol

    Yes but will it come to Consoles X360 and PS3?

    Looks sweeter each time I see it. Really enjoying the PC gaming renaissance of late, great original stuff and in many cases the superior version for multi-platform games (Skyrim, Batman, Mass Effect etc).

    Looks freakin intense but i hope that it's not one of those pay to win F2P games

    I think I just had a little accident in my pants.
    That looks ..... awesome. If it plays half as well on my dated machinery I'll be exstatic.

    It looks great but as an old school mechwarrior player (2 & 3) I'd prefer something a little more strategic. It looks like death match in giant robots.

    Having said that, I've still already put my name down for it. It's deathmatch in giant freeking robots!!!

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