Well, At Least We Know GAME Australia Is Stocking Mass Effect 3...

Eurogamer has broken the news that, in the UK, GAME is not stocking Mass Effect 3 (or any EA game post SSX) despite the fact numerous customers have placed pre-orders. We've contacted GAME locally to see what (if any) repercussions we can expect locally from that news. But considering the fact that GAME has just released this Mass Effect unboxing video, I think pre-orders at Australian GAME stores are safe at least.

We're hoping to get more information on precisely how GAME's dramas in the UK will affect its Australian equivalent, but for now, why not relax by watching this pretty swish unboxing video of a Mass Effect 3 Assault Rifle replica.

Yeah! Stuff!


    Looks sick. I'm sure the novelty would wear off quickly though.

    Thank god... I was starting to sweat, thinking that my pre-order of the Collectors Edition was in vain, and I would have to actually PAY for the "From Ashes" DLC... now that would have been a shame.

      In my mind EA should be trying to make good for those who actually ordered collectors edition's at GAME in the UK.

      It would foster a positive image that their die hard fans aren't left without a reliable avenue to ensure they get their collectors editions.

      And would make for some decent press.

    GAME au has ME3 shit everywhere through the store so i reckon it's a pretty safe bet

    Probably worth noting that both GAME and EB are running comps to win that gun too :)

      EB Games also sold 10 of them for 899$ they were gone in a few hours, I wonder if anyone realised they RRP for 650, however most people don't like dealing with customs so the inflated price might be worth it.

    GAME / GAMESTATION UK are in serious financial trouble after having their credit rating slashed and credit insurance removed. Publishers are running the risk of massive losses if they sell through GAME and GAME goes under. This could be the first of many to move away from GAME UK.

      They're not the first, Ubisoft wouldn't sell them any Vita games for the launch of the system either.

    GAME Australia has just posted a statement on their facebook outlining that they are still planning to stock Mass Effect 3.


    Ugly weapon design. Looks like a super soaker.

      super soakers look like the assault rifle

    Where can I buy one of these??

    No Steam, no sale.

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