We'll Never Have To Endure A Photo-Realisitic Sonic The Hedgehog

In an interview with Eurogamer, Sega's Takashi Iizuka talked about his plans for the company's long-running (but seemingly constantly creatively ailing) Sonic The Hedgehog franchise.

Among other kernels of knowledge (Sonic is "the right fit" for Wii U, whatever that means), we learned that despite his daliances kissing human girls, he will never become photo-realistic. And I think I speak for us all when I say, "Well thank goodness for that."

In addition to not making the photo-realism mistake, hopefully the folks at Sega will listen to Tim Rogers and take some of his tips on how to make Sonic stop sucking.

Takashi Iizuka outlines vision for Sonic on PS4, next Xbox [Eurogamer]


    Sonic stopped sucking. Sonic Generations.

    I liked most of the previous sonic games, (except 2006 Sonic next gen.) dont know why people have been complaining about. every game has been different and all with small annoyances, but generally good to play.

    Their working there asses off at ca my dad works with them they been putting heaps of effort for lodon olympics :L

    Photo-realism isn't necessary. There's nothing wrong with it (so loose the pretentious "thank goodness for that" attitude), but it's not necessary. Just as long as the games continue to use real world-based settings like they did in the Sonic Adventure games, everything will be fine.

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