'We're Very Far From Seeing Everything The PS3 Can Do.'

What's happened in the business of video games this past week ...

QUOTE | "We're very far from seeing everything the PS3 can do." — David Cage, designer of Heavy Rain, talking about the still untapped horsepower of the PS3.

QUOTE | "Traditional developers are scared." — Colt McAnlis, Developer Advocate for Google, talking about how game developers feel about the the mobile, social and web game markets.

QUOTE | "We look at a billion as a very doable number." — Rob Dyer, head of platform partners at Zynga, talking about the number of players Zynga expects to have in the future.

STAT | 20 per cent — Amount US retail sales of video game hardware, software and accessories at retail dropped for February 2012 sales.

QUOTE | "We totally ignore adults out there." — David Cage, talking about how most companies are making video games for the audience of kids and teenagers.

QUOTE | "Make games that a Zynga couldn't clone." — Tim Sweeney, Epic CEO, talking about the strategy that indies need to follow in creating games.

STAT | 80 per cent — According to Spry Fox CCO Daniel Cook, that's the proportion of developers working for studios that copy the success of others.

QUOTE | "The customer is basically saying they think we're greedy." — David Jaffe, designer of Twisted Metal, talking about how consumers feel games are too expensive.

STAT | 39 million — Total number of Wii consoles sold in the US in the product's lifetime, according to Nintendo.

QUOTE | "Any publisher who says that they don't worry about burnout is probably not being honest." — Tony Key, Senior Vice President of sales and marketing at Ubisoft, talking about whether the success of the Assassin's Creed franchise will continue.

QUOTE | "I think we'll do another big game again." — Tim Schafer, designer of Psychonauts, on whether his Double Fine Productions will be doing another big budget AAA project.

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    “Make games that a Zynga couldn’t clone.”

    lol :)

    Wait "... that a Zynga ..."
    I just noticed that


    We'll never see what the PS3 can do because 90% of the games released on it are bloody 360 ports. I find half of my games unplayable due to excessive tearing and frame rate drops. They need to focus more on optimizing titles for their respective consoles.

      True that. Its pretty disappointing that we have to wait for the big name exclusives to show that it is more powerful than what others think which is pretty rare. Ports like Mafia II has no grass, Bayonetta had loading screens just to pause the game, Skyrim had huge memory issues & ME3 is framerate hell - doesn't exactly praise the machine

        True, don't get me wrong, the exclusives do the console justice, but everything in between makes me wonder if the games were actually played by anyone before they were released.

          Imagine if Wii had released first. I wouldn't need to upgrade my computer for another decade. At least cross platform development broke the software demands hardware upgrade cycle. (if thats somehow a good thing). My comp is three years old and can run everything, something is wrong with the world and I blame xbox.

    where do you get these pictures?!

      Google stock photos.

    Eh i have a 360, PS3 and gaming PC and PS3 is the worst of the lot. Though im currently playing it the most due to my giant pile of shame.

    I don't see the PS3 only titles being streets ahead of the rest so people can't complain that other consoles are holding it back. If they are so advanced in their thinking why did they just bring out the Move when the wii has had it for years and soon no-doubt they'll have a Kinect rip-off. For those who are about to say the Kinect is just a rip-off of the eye-toy I don't recall seeing anyone doing what they do now with Kinect when the eye-toy was around and for that matter if it was such a hit why haven't they seized on it and advanced it? They even openly mocked the Kinect as a controlling device and yet now they will have to turn around and eat their words. Whether the ps3 console is technically advanced from an engineering perspective doesn't matter as those in charge don't seem to have a clue.

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