What A Gamer's Sexual Harassment Looks Like

One competitive gamer's inflammatory comments in support of sexual harassment set off a firestorm of drama in the gaming world yesterday. This video makes things seem even worse.

In a recent interview, competitive gamer Aris Bakhtanians said "sexual harassment is part of [the] culture" in the fighting game community, where players compete in titles like Street Fighter and Tekken for fortune and fame.

This footage, shot on February 23 and sent to us today by an anonymous tipster, shows Bakhtanians shooting some lewd remarks at fellow gamer Miranda "Super_Yan" Pakozdi. He takes control of the camera and spends a whole lot of time focusing it on Pakozdi, who appears to be the only woman in the room. He focuses on her butt and breasts, shooing people away when they block his view. He also makes some comments about her feet and thighs that may seem out of line to, well, anybody.

Later in the video, Bakhtanians moves over to Pakozdi and starts talking to her while she plays the game. She is visibly uncomfortable. After a minute or so, she says she has to go to the bathroom.

Creepy stuff.



    the dude's disconnected from reality, as, seemingly, are the rest of the people at that event (why isnt anyone else calling him out on his BS?).

    intimidation and stalkeresque/dodgy behaviour is the same regardless of the 'culture'.

    would be entertaining though to see the situation reversed, with a guy doing the same thing to this clown, and then see how long he likes it.

    This guy's an idiot. It's not even tasteful sledging, most of it's just offensive. If this is part of the "culture" then it needs one heck of a change.

    Has anyone googled a pic of him??? LOL
    The dude couldn't even touch his own boner let alone get a female to touch it..
    This is the same as a 12yo with a crush who teases them instead of having the balls to hit on it, if Miranda wanted to she could have him eating out of the palm of her hand.
    I don't even know why this is such an issue, we're listening to virgin with self esteem issues.

      Bahah this is what the dude looks like- http://static.arstechnica.net/2012/02/29/c9633ac187c256bf20b78c97868f0286-4f4e5e7-intro.jpg

      What a creep on all accounts. Hopefully someone will 4chan him and he will get bombed

        http://www.panhistoria.com/Stacks/Novels/Character_Homes/HomeImages/G20420.jpg twins?

        Sadly, given 4chan's track record, they'd probably support the guy. Don't ever rely on them to support a good cause, because they rarely do.

    Wow, I initially thought this would be a guy getting quick peaks at her "features" when she wasn't looking, but he's blatantly being a pervert.

    Even a kid with aspergers could clearly see how uncomfortable she was.

    I'm so very bored of the blatant misogynistic attitudes overtly shown off in gaming circles. This actually makes me a little sick. Clearly there is no concept of reality in this dude's mind. *Shaking my head*

    I hope they start banning him from official tournaments and make a pariah of this douche. Need to show we do not tolerate this kind of behaviour

    Why has kotaku put this up. Is it not continuing the harassment?

      I believe the idea is to show what kind of behaviour's going on with this guy, and to publicly expose and shame him. The more attention this gets, the better. Hopefully what EvilDeathBee said will happen as a result.

    The guy being a pervert has made an official statement, maybe you should create a new article addressing this.

    Hahaha, he makes me laugh with his pathetic suckiness. And that is all.

    I'm gonna cosplay as Cammy and seduce him then hog-tie & balgag him and take photos and show the world resulting in him being so humiliated he'll never show his face in public again. Except I won't because nobody deserves to see that.

      Will you cosplay as cammy and then ballgag/ hogtie me instead? Eh? Eh?!

        No. last time I hog-tied and ball-gagged someone he turned out to be underage, then I had to register as a sex-offender and it cost me my job as a sunday school teacher!

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