What Are You Playing This Weekend?

I almost renamed this post 'When Are You Playing Mass Effect 3 This Weekend', because I have an inkling that's precisely what most of you will be doing.

I know I will, at some point! This weekend is a bit of a double edge sword for me. On the one hand, my wife is gone, which usually spells for good time leaving my arse imprint on the couch whilst playing games. On the other hand, I do have some stuff to do.

It's going to be a case of picking my moments and making the best of it I reckon. Looking forward to it though.

So what are you guys playing this weekend?


    When Are You Playing Mass Effect 3 This Weekend? Once I power through ME2.

      doing the same. really wanna finish mass effect 2 this weekend so i can get onto ME3. Also prob play BF3, bully, psychonauts, syndicate. soo many games.

        it's worth it.I imported my mass effect 2 save file and was level 30 when i started 3.

          Good to know.. I am halfway through ME2 and was looking lovingly at my copy of 3 and was tempted (its new and shiny) but i'll wait and finish 2 properly!

          Although due to my tendency to enjoy pointless exploration i'll be stuck on 2 for a while!

            I got 50 hours out of ME2. I did everything, including all the DLC.

            I'm 23 hours into ME2 and I've only done 3 of the loyalty missions so I'll be going for a while yet...

    More Far Cry 2 on PS3 and maybe I'll finally finish my Need for speed Most wanted single player playthrough on PS2.

    Well, I would love to play ME3 but it only got despatached from Ozgameshop yesterday so I will have to wait until mid next week to play it.

    Rauman Origins on my Vita will get a workout. I almost can't believe how sexy that game looks. Trine 2 and Sly Cooper, which I got for being a PS+ member, will also get a quick look.

      My ozgameshop copy is on the way too, it will be difficult to avoid spoilers before it arrives.

        Disconnect the internet and refuse to talk to anyone before it arrives! Okay, I'd never disconnect my internet, but Ic an totally ignore everyone I know easily.

    Mark, the stuff that needs doing can wait. The Galaxy isn't going to ready itself you know.

    Yep. I'll be playing Mass Effect 3. Maybe some Payday: The Heist and MGS2 HD on the side.

    Stuff can wait Mark, the Galaxy isn't going to ready itself you know.

      I swear there's bugs in the
      Mobile site >_> sorry for the ubernoob double post.

    ME3... next week when it gets delivered. I'll probably give LA Noire a crack this weekend.

    Dragon Age: Origins and Demon's Souls.

    Haven't even started ME 1 & 2. Hence I can wait for ME3.
    Since I got Journey early, I will be breezing through that and FFXIII-2.

    If Dark Souls arrives today, that.
    Otherwise, more UMVC3, and maybe a bit of Altitude.

      What system to you have UMVC3 on mate?

        I used to be pretty good at MVC3 (Haggar, Skrull, Shuma team), but I'm outright terrible at MVC3.

        I used to be pretty good at MVC3 (Haggar, Skrull, Shuma team), but I'm outright terrible at UMVC3.

          I only just recently got UMvC3 - so it would be good to get some games in some time.
          Add me to live, if you like

    I'll be trying to finish off Shadows of the damned, and getting some Trials HD in as well.
    Gotta be ready to race fatshady when Trials Evolution comes out!

    MARK! You need to add me to xbox live so i can compete with your times as well! :P

      Shadows of the Damned, GOTY 2011, amirite?

        I gotta say - i am pleasantly surprised at how good it actually is.
        And the writing is so corny it verges on the edge of brilliance! lol

          I know, right? It's so stupid sometimes that you have to say "it took a truly brilliant writer to come up with this".

            I'm seriously in love with Johnson! lol

    Well my wife got to play ME3 from about 9pm last night until about 11 this morning when she finally went to bed, so I guess it'll be my turn tonight. To avoid spoilers, she's got a nice head start to set me up for the weekend since she has more free hours to play than I do. If I overtake her, it'll have to be while she's asleep. At the very least I have to catch up to where she is so she can discuss all the awesome stuff that's happened, since it was killing her not to tell me anything this morning.

      can i have your wife? LOL

      thats awesome.

        I asked, but she said she'd have to take the xbox with her to your house so she doesn't lose her saves. That's just not going to happen.

    I'll be happy if I get any gaming done this weekend. Looking to be more active and less gamey.

    If I do game, it'll be either DCS A-10, Assassins Creed Brotherhood, Tales of Vesperia on the PS3 or NBA 2k11 because 2k12 sucks.

    ME3 for me. Long weekend in Vic as well - great timing.

    The Last Story - so much better than I had expected - and MGS3D.

    Yesterday I got a call to say my ME3 package had arrived.
    So I was busting to get home and play it, got home unpacked it,
    Couldn't wait to get it in. Just thought I'd double check my ME2 save data.
    What's this ME2 DLC – Arrival the final link. Ok so I'll download that first.
    Paid for it and mid download I realise I have sold my copy of ME2.
    Fark. Went to about 3 video shops. No luck. Went to westfields.
    Tried Game, no luck. EB? One in stock. Only $25 new and I can rtn it if I don't like Within 7 days. Sweet. Raced home cracked it open played final mission.
    No regrets. By doing that I attain lvl 29 for my character. But wait,
    Theres a trophy for getting lvl 30 and I'm so close. Plus I want to bring
    Over the best Sheppard save I can to ME3. So I finish every last damn side quest In an attempt to pop it. Not enough. So I start a new game, upload my old shep, And start ME2 from the beginning. By the time I'd hit the first illusive man, It pinged lvl 30. But wait, I have a final weapon upgrade to attain. By then it was 2am. And I still haven't even started ME3.
    The weekend awaits….

      Goes up to Level 60 man! Have fun

    Resident Evil Revelations, Saints Row 3, Skyrim, and ignoring all the people on my XBL list playing Mass Effect 3

    I'm not actually sure how I'm on here.

    Oh yes. Breakfast. Then ME3.

    As soon as I finish recreating my canon run through of 2

    Snake eater 3D, Good timing as well, stupid family weekend away

    My CE copy of Mass Effect arrived this morning, however I'll be away from my Box all weekend. Shame. Maybe Sunday night?

    Having said that, over the last couple of months I've been playing Skyrim exclusively and I'm not sure I want to take a break from it to boot up ME3. Probably should....save the galaxy, as opposed to slaying dragons.

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