What Are You Playing This Weekend?

I hate to say it, but I haven't finished Mass Effect 3 yet. All this hullabaloo over the ending has sort of demotivated me, as well as the fact I'm sort of tired of just shooting my way through missions. I'll definitely persevere this weekend, but what will you guys be getting up to?

With Mass Effect, I think part of the problem is the fact I'm playing on normal difficult. Speaking to some of my friends, I've been told that the combat — which feels a little flat on normal — actually becomes quite compelling when you crank up the difficulty. At the moment it feels like I'm breezing through it too easily and it's becoming a chore.

I have a wedding on Sunday, so that day's mostly out for Mass Effect 3. I'd also like to squeeze in a second playthough of Journey, because I missed out on the co-op with my early review copy.

But what are you guys playing this weekend?


    I won't get in as much gaming time as I'd have liked since I have a thing to go to on saturday, however I will probably finsih up my second playthrough of ME3 and start on an Insanity difficulty run.

    I'll also probably try to do some multiplayer as well, and make sure I redeem the commendation pack we got because the community beat the goal of defeating over 1,000,000 brutes.

      Oh and because I'm still in that "I have a new phone so I constantly fiddle with it" stage, I'll probably also be playing a ton of The Impossible Game, Jetpack Joyride, Fruit Ninja and Draw Something. At least I'll be entertained while at my wife's aunt's birthday lunch tomorrow.

      I finished my Insanity run yesterday, it was actually pretty easy however the most difficult part of Insanity ME3 is the friggin marauder before you enter the Catalyst at the end of the game I musta died 20 times as opposed to never dieing on the story heres some advice on insanity though.

      Equip Falcons or Scorpions on your squadmates.


        Yeah, my wife knocked it over on Insanity this week, looks way easier than ME2 was. Good old Marauder Shields gave her some grief though.

        She was fond of using the Paladin, the Spectre pistol. Apparently it can easily headshot just about any unshielded enemy.

          Okay just remember don't equip a Scorpion on the Mars Mission or you wont be able to do the last part of the mission, unless they patched it :)

          I was a adept thought so I used Ashley and Vega and triple grenaded any difficult part, I forgot to mention that phantoms are a pain in the ass in Insanity, thankfully their arn't many..

            This... This fricken gave me so much grief. Tried that at least 10 times even trying to switch weapons but to no avail. Luckily i saved somewhere in the middle of the Mars mission but was still angry...

        Assuming you mean the final large combat bit, the problem I had with it was the Banshees requiring me to leave cover all the time while the Marauders were taking potshots at me.

          No i'm referring to the Carnifex part where your walking towards that beam of light, you have shoot that maruader like 10 times without missing and on a unpredictable crosshair, not to mention he also walks backwards so the shots become harder and harder, do it on Insanity you'll know what i'm talking about.

            I hear you man, quite rage inducing.````````````````

    I got ME3 on Tuesday but have been pretty busy all week so have only done the Mars mission. So this weekend I will be spending some quality time with it.

    I'll be catching up on Street Fighter X Tekken now that I'm done with Mass Effect 3. Will also endeavour to play a few more Vita games, specifically: Unit 13 and Ridge Racer.

    Tony Hawk 2

    I got invited to Dota 2 and Diablo 3 beta :) should be fine for a couple of weeks

    I don't play videogames because I'm awesome and not a nerd. I'll be out partying with important people.

      Or you'll be working on an assignment. Uni's so hard, you know?

    The Doctor Who pinball machine I bought! :-)

    As much as I hate myself for it probably more MW3. I really gotta finish Ass Rev, Yakuza 4, Space Marine and DE:HR.

      Im with you freeze, new maps out for MW3 (im aware its a scam, but i like it, what are you gunna do). plus they have double XP for the weekend

    I'm going go-karting for the first time ever!!!! \o/
    i'm also going to the dentist for fillings!!! /o\

      Soooo good. I had a chance to do it with work a few years ago and it was amazing fun. Go out there and give 'em hell!

      I'm talking about go karting btw, not fillings. Though that *would* be an interesting work outing.

      Karting is so fun, dont hold back. Paintballuing is prob my favorite but, i just wish there was a place that would combine the two, that would be good.

    I bought the Sly trilogy during the week off psn (on $20 atm) & am really enjoying it so far. So i'll be playing Sly 2, The Darkness 2, maybe some Blazblue Continuum Shift, & Alice: Madness Returns from my pile of shame.

    A bit of Ninja Gaiden 3, then to continue with Operation: Snake Eater.

    I agree that the harder difficulty improves the game. My first playthrough was a Paragon solider where I just blasted everything to oblivion. My second evil mother [email protected]#$%er run through is much more enjoyable. I am playing a infiltrator that only carries a pistol. Squadmates and powers are fun to use. Strip a shield then have combo with incinrate or lift or slam is very rewarding. Some times I dont even fire a shot from a gun.

      I made the same argument with Halo Reach came out. People called it boring and poorly paced but that's because they were playing it on easy. Halo is really meant to be played on Heroic.

      I did my first run of ME3 on Normal and it was a bit tougher than ME2, but Insanity looks to be nowhere near as hard as ME2 on Insanity was, so I figure I'll give it a shot.

        I was lukewarm on Halo 2, hated Halo 3. I'm playing through Halo: Reach on legendary now and really enjoying it. So there may be something to what you're saying!

          I tried Reach on Legendary but had to dial it down to normal just to get past one particular area - didn't have that problem in Halo 3 where so far (I'm in chapter 6) there's at least one pack of nasties every level that stops me in my tracks but they just take a few goes to get rid of before moving on to the next set piece.

        It really is not that hard on insane. As long as you get the rock pare scissors approach to the barriers, shields etc it is quite manageable.

    - Journey. Bought it the other day, been waiting for a few spare hours to play through it.
    - Bought "Where is my heart" at the same time. Quirky little game, think I only have a few levels left to finish it.
    - Going to finish Halo: Reach on Legendary (only 2 missions left)!
    - Might try to recreate my non-importing ME3 face and actually start my copy that I've had sitting around for two weeks.

      I managed to re-create my Shep pretty well, so it is possible, you just have to be patient.

    Girlfriend is out of town for most of the weekend, ME3 weekend it is :D

    I'm actually looking for a new game to play at the moment, having just finished ME3. Might go back and give Dark Souls a proper run.

    That and Journey. Bought it the other day, was amazed with it. Will definitely try to find some time to see if it's just as magical the next thirteen times :p

    Then again, MLG is on this weekend. So I'll probably just end up watching that whenever I'm home. Grubby hwaiting!

    SWTOR, levelling my main avoiding my alt, because the start areas are filled with foul mouthed children and trolls for some reason - is there another free weekend or something? It's terrible.

    Will be hitting up my first ME1 playthrough and Operation Raccoon City when I can.

    DANCE CENTRAL baby! Epic dance meat ahoy! I will put all my fans away first though to avoid any potential mishaps by Lamboman! I think we're still gonna have issues though. My lounge room is pretty small. I'm sure we'll figure something out though.

    I got the ICO/SOTC collection so I'll be killing some colossi. I never really liked ICO but I love SOTC.

    Oh yeah. To the posters commenting on HEROQUEST last week. Bloody awesome!!!! Well worth dusting off

    I'll be playing all the DLC packs for Saints Row I didn't get around too a while back... Need to actually play Journey also, that will likely be tonight.

    After that, I need to start a new game, but I don't know what to pull out of the pile of shame...

    Munchkin! Best game ever. :3

    Also pushing further into ME3. Turns out studying law and playing games are hard to do at the same time.

    Rayman Origins on Vita! And some Dota 2.

    Mass Effect 3's ending is terrible, but if you go into it knowing it will be terrible, you can kinda bear with it, even though there's a few major plotholes.

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