What Are You Playing This Weekend?

I recently attended a DVD sale and picked up All The Movies. This weekend, I will attempt to make a dent in the pile, starting with Psycho. But for those who didn't go on a black and white movie shopping frenzy, what games are you playing this weekend?


    I'd love for Mass Effect 3's face import glitch to be patched, so I can finally play the damn thing and not feel like a social outcast but it doesn't look likely. I might check out JB's 20% off sale later. Maybe pick up Dead Island or something I've wanted to play but haven't picked up yet. Then there's Red Dead Redemption, calling out to me for a replay. Getting harder to resist. :P

    I am finally going to spend some quality time with Mass Effect 3 so I can stop avoiding articles discussing the ending and start engaging with that debate, whatever the hell it is.

    Also I'm close to the end of I Am Alive, so I might knock that off.

    Having said that it's the start of the school holidays so I may just collapse into an alcohol induced coma to try and forget the pain.

      By the way Tracey, enjoy All The Movies. :)

    Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer, working towards that best ending yo.
    Thats about it.


      I'm so sorry.

    Q.U.B.E and some more Shogun

      shogun totally has me by the balls glad to hear other kotaku folk enjoy it

    Dark Souls and probably more Journey.

    Finally started up Dark Souls properly after having played a few hours and putting it aside when it came out. Got up to the Taurus Demon without too much hassle, almost got the blighter down before he managed to knock me off of the tower to my doom. So sadface.

    Not too sure that my poke of doom spear/shield combo is going to be that effective early on, but dammit if I'm not going to commit to it.

    Also, Journey because it's just too damned amazing to not play every couple of days.

      For beginners Demon Spear + any Giant Shield is one of the easiest ways to play the game imo mix in some pyromancies when needed it's a real solid all-around build the ability to block and strike is just so viable.

        Spear, shield and magic was how I played in Demon's Souls. Magic them at range, then turtle up with spear and shield if they got close.

        Now that magic is terrible in Dark Souls, I think this looks like a good, safe option. Checking out the wiki, this means I'm building a fair amount of Dex.

    Playing mass effect 1 for the first time (working my way up to 3) and some SWTOR (Bio-ware weekend!).

      I just finished ME1. Next is two.... Enjoy yourself, dont rush it!

    I snapped up ME3 and Batman Arkham City from that Harvey Norman sale, combined only cost me $75 including delivery!
    Any advice on which one to start first? Thinking ME3 for the same reason as Justin - the ending debate.

      Batman all the way, but I have a GIANT biase for the caped crusader and thoroughly enjoyed the continuation in Arkham City.

      I'm still waiting for my order to be ready to collect from Harvey Goddamn Norman. I ordered and paid on Wednesday morning, here we are Friday lunchtime and they still haven't got it ready. Woudl have been quicker to get it shipped directly to me instead of collecting it in store ACROSS THE DAMN STREET.

      Batman and it more important to avoid spoilers for that over Mass Effect 3 by a long way

        Batman takes like a day to do. Great game but it goes by too quick. So do that then settle in for ME3

    Eagerly waiting for the Witcher 2 to be released, so just knocking off some xbla games and cheap 360 games Ive picked up. So Prototype, Banjo Tooie, Sonic CD, From Dust, Monkey Island 2, Trials HD etc

      A monkey can be a wrench

        That puzzle had me stuck for weeks and weeks.

    Tough mudder this weekend!!! Should be awesome! Then maybe some twisted metal on sunday...if i can move my limbs! ;)

      Hell yes. No idea what I'll play on Sunday if I can still move.

        Yeh been looking forward to it for ages! The excitement has def set in now thats its right around the corner!

    Gears 3 DLC, Tomb Raider and the Guardian of Light and Game of Thrones marathon!

    I picked up SSX yesterday for cheap, so I'll be playing that this weekend...
    So far as I expected it's a bit disappointing. It's no longer over the top fun and no split screen multi, so I cant play with my flatmate.
    It's still better than a lot of other games out there, but no where near as good as it used to be.

      I loved the new SSX, but it was very odd not to see split screen multiplayer. I also missed the insane, over the top tracks from the first game like the Tokyo pinball one. There's a lot to like about it, though. The GeoTag place/collecting is strangely addictive too.

        Did your game come with a Manual (i got the PS3 version)?
        The game I bought wasn't sealed, and had no manual (the Online Pass code worked tho)...
        ...it's not that much of a problem, because I run with the classic control scheme.

          Nope, not for 360 either, though that's the same as Kingdoms of Amalur. I think EA's getting away from printed manuals. Both have one In-game in the options menu though.

      The World Tour is alittle inbalanced tho, I competed in only two tournaments with entry fees of 1 & 2 million credits and netted out 16mil.

      Incase you didn't know signiture moves score less than super uber tweaks for some reason, which makes no sense.

    Sadly I dont think Ill be left with much time for gaming this weekend, but hoping my copy of Fall of the Samurai turns up if not I'll be playing I am Alive and regular Shogun 2

    Resident Evil 5 and Resident Evil: ORC (Online).

    Shogun 2: Fall of the Samurai, probably some Dota 2(Might actually jump into a real game >.>)...

      Woah Woah Woahl, Like a game with actual people. You gonna get so rolled man. Actually i wanna play a real game too. WE SHALL LOSE TOGETHER. Maybe we can get steveo to carry us?

    Going to play Journey for reals. Did work last weekend instead. That's not as fun.

    Burnout Paradise on PS3. I love this game and I just re-bought it with all the DLC so I'll be cruising along big surf Island tonight.
    And maybe some Eufloria. Man, Eufloria gets really hard from level 11 onward.

      Love Burnout paradise, and burnout 3 even more so, it's the perfect game to play with mates around, just makes the spectacular crashes all the more enjoyable.

    Flower, Journey and Xenoblade Chronicles... maybe some Tales of Graces f, too.

    Killzone 3 then some Uncharted Golden Abyss.... Awesome!

    Twister & the harmonica.....at th same time

    I picked up AC Revelations for PS3 & Blazblue for Vita at jb yesterday, so both of those will be getting attention.
    Also halfway through The Darkness 2 & just begun Sly 2 so I have plenty to keep me going!

    Continuing with Tales of Graces. I think I'm about halfway through the main plot now, hopefully can finish it off this weekend.

    Uncharted 3 all Sat night, 8 players, 4 screens, one house.

      and many pizzas!

      sounds like nice plan!

    There be alot of yard work for me this weekend seeing as we are hosting Easter at our place, so just making the place look tidy... anytime that I get to play a game will be either Mass Effect 2 (I'm playing catch up), Journey.

    and something from the Vita... if there is anyone that wants to play Hustle Kings via asynchronous multiplayer, then hit me up.

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