What Are You Playing This Weekend?

I recently attended a DVD sale and picked up All The Movies. This weekend, I will attempt to make a dent in the pile, starting with Psycho. But for those who didn't go on a black and white movie shopping frenzy, what games are you playing this weekend?


    SSX and Tales of Graces f.
    Gonna dig into flow and Flower when I want to relax since picking it up at discounted prices on the PSN store.

    After reading that hording in Skyrim article, I think i'll go and clean out my place and throw some melons into buckets.

    Mass effect 3, gotta finish it still, near the end. might jump into multiplayer this weekend, haven't really played it yet. should be interesting.

    Hoping to finish Mass Effect 3, and maybe go back to Skyrim to finish the main questline which I've managed to completely avoid so far.

    I have to say, between Rosemary's Baby and Psycho, you pick the bestest DVD's at sales Tracey.

    MLB The Show on Vita and still getting through The Witcher.

    finishing off Journey for the first time.
    and starting ME1 and going to try to go through to 3. It's soooo hard to start at 1, after playing two and three

    I have a wedding over the weekend, so it doesn't look like I'll be getting much time, however I'm hoping I'll get a chance to plug some more time in Catherine...

    trying to platinum Saints Row 3. such a rad game.

    S.P.A.Z. , HoN (of course) any maybe some Batman Ark city.
    I've made a resolution with my pile of shame, that I can only get a new game when I finish ten from the pile. It was getting rediculous. Three down so far....

    try and get Diablo 3 Beta Maxed out (2 characters left) then finish off ME3 and Batman AC riddler items. with a bit of Reach or ME3 Multiplayer. Being a bad ass Vanguard is hilarious when people get angry at you for not letting them kill anything

    still trying to figure out where i and 'jack a mech in ME3 and playing through in insanity while keeping my stat up at 100%

    also KoA DLC as well as studying

    Still playing through Persona 4 as part of my MegaTen binge. Think I'm nearly through it.

    Tribes: Ascend and Shogun 2: Total War - Fall of the Samurai

    To The Moon. Maybe some ME3 or Xenoblade as well. To The Moon is really intruiging me. I'm interested to see how it all pans out

    Feels like a Battlefield 3 night. Also possibly RDR multiplayer got a real kick out of that last week.

    Has anyone thought about playing the future?


    Well luckily for me, school holidays have just started. So I have a solid two weeks to sit back and play whatever I want :D

    But in specifics, I'll be finishing Metal Gear Solid 3D, playing some Raid Mode online in Resident Evil: Revelations and playing online on Monster Hunter Tri.
    Maybe I'll get around to finishing offline Monster Hunter Freedom Unite as well (been sitting around for a good few months since I bought it. It's a shame I haven't found enough time for it. It really is a fantastic game)

    ME3 - PC and Sersious Sam 3. Hope to finish these. Then Yakuza Dead Souls.
    I got my collectors Ninja Gaiden 3 today from OzGameShop. They half arse packed it and as a result its smashed to pieces. So I wont be playing that dang it.

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