What Are You Playing This Weekend?

Man, the whole drama over the Mass Effect 3 ending has almost made me not want to play anymore. But still, I'm lumbering along when I get the chance, hopefully I'll finish it this weekend and see 'that' ending. So what are you guys playing this weekend?

What else? Well, it may be time to bust out some SSX, as I've heard mostly good things, and haven't had a 'boardey' game get its hooks into me since Skate 2. I'll most likely still be playing Ziggurat any spare chance I get despite the fact that Tracey is completely destroying me in the high score stakes.

So what are you guys playing this weekend?



    This weekend, I'm going to start recording tracks for my new album. The album is going to be entirely comprised of covers of theme songs from 90's kids shows.

    It's going to be awesome.

    Hopefully my copy of ME3 will arrive today. I've largely been trying to avoid any articles so that I don't get spoiled but couldn't avoid seeing that there is grief over the ending. I will still try and enjoy the game for what it is though.

      Mine arrived on Tuesday but then my face didn't import correctly. Couldn't decide whether to try and recreate it from photos, then I was sick... so all I've done so far is install to the HDD. So I might play some multiplayer ME3 this weekend while I'm waiting for the face patch.

    Twisted Metal on ps3

    If you don't want to play it now, wait till you finish it. Either of the me3 discs haven't even been close to touching the disc tray since.

    More BF3 I assume, 80 colonel ranks to go : /

    I'm going to be playing ME3 for the most part, since apparently Silent Hill Downpour/HD Collection aren't out for a few more weeks. I'm about to start a second playthrough now that I've gotten the From Ashes DLC.

    Finished ME3 for the first time last night and I actually didn't mind the ending and variations of. **Runs for cover**

    May start another playthough as I stuffed up some decisions. Other than that may process more turns for the Combat Mission Meta Campaign I'm a part of.

    SW:ToR 7 day trial.. as a previous 5 year wow player, little underwhelmed so far but will give it time see if it picks up

    Chrono Trigger (been awhile)
    Not sure if going through Alan Wake again for the video commentary is worth it? Maybe that

    More Deus Ex HR i will probably also watch a studio Ghibli movie as has been my tradition the last couple of Saturday's. I will be sad when i run out but i figure when i do i can start watching old Disney movies instead.

    Skyrim - just when i thought i was out...they pull me back in!

      I have never left!

    Twisted Metal and Journey, and maybe a little EA Sports F1 2002 on pc, as well as an annual game I like to call, "See how hammered you can get on St. Patrick's Day before passing out."

    Journey and final fantasy xiii-2. Gotta get them both done sometime.....

    Found Heroquest in storage. Gonna play it - on a TABLE!!!

      I LOVE that game, used to play it a lot when young ^-^
      For me: getting drunk and play Civ 5, brilliant and addictive game.

        I haven't played it since a kid. Downloaded a replacement manual and good to go. I think some beer will be in order for us as well!

      Awesome! I've been thinking of bringing my set up to speed with new models, better paintjobs and stuff. :D

    Tales of Graces ƒ. I want to play ME3, but it still hasn't arrived yet :I

    I'll finally be checking out Valkyria chronicles. The game comes up in a lot of best PS3 games lists and a number of PS3 games forums so I'm hopeful that it turns out well. I'm not a huge fan of turn based or real time strategy games but I enjoyed civ revolution, so if Valkyria is like that but I can move my troops I'll be happy.

    I also bought Infamous Festival of Blood on the PSN store and I've been enjoying it so far and I hope to finally finish it this weekend. It's a really good game and at the current sale price you'll lose money if you don't get it (FYI: it won one of the best PSN games promotion that sony was running so it currently has a 33% discount or %50 if you're a PS Plus member. Get it if you love infamous 1 and 2 or if you just want a taste of the infamous universe without paying for the full game.)

    Finally , I hope I can finish Alice Madness Returns. The game is not as cooky/crazy as I had hoped and It is just a basic platformer and as a result I'm slogging my way just to finish it.

    NB: I also got the PS3 wildlife photography game Afrika(Hakuna Matata) and I was curious if anyone here knows if it gets more exciting later on and if the game is worth $20? Thanks.

      You won't regret playing Valkyria Chronicles, it's a blend of real time and turn based. I really enjoyed the combat system, quite refreshing really. I highly recommend it :)

    Journey!!! Been waiting for some quiet time to really get into it.

      Oh it's sublime.. I'm on playthrough number 2

        I will play this a million times and be mesmerised every time I do at its beauty

    Going to visit family for the weekend, so ill be on the iPad....
    Luckily I've jail broken it, so ill be playing snes games with a wiimote/classic controller

    I'm more than bored of ME3 for now, I downloaded I Am Alive a few days ago I'll give it a spin if that doesn't bare fruit I'll be playing SSX or Fallout 3 maybe MW3 if I can't find anything else to do.

    Neverwinter Nights.. I just reinstalled it. Looking forward to it. :)

      Me too. Gonna rock!

    Thankfully my weekends of playing Tetris IRL are over! So this weekend, it's going to be more like Where's Waldo as I try to find all the stuff I want unpacked! Yay me! :\

    Was originally going to do a renegade runthrough of ME3, but after playing through the ending yesterday I have no will to ever play the mass effect series again.
    I'll probably play something on my pile of shame, maybe Batman Arkham Asylum.

    Wondering whether to pay the $20 for Journey.
    Have only heard good things about it, but I don't know if I'll get '$20' out of the game.

      I've played it for an hour or so and I think it is absolutely brilliant. If you liked the ambience of Flower, then I suggest coughing up the dough. :)

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