What Are You Reading?

I know, it sounds crazy, but sometimes we like to do things that aren't video games, right? So I thought I'd ask you guys a quick question — what are you reading?

I think I'm going to make this a little Tuesday regular, to give each other the chance to talk about stuff we're doing that isn't video games. It could be TV shows, movies, books, sport, exercise — anything.

Today it's books!

I wish I had more time to read. At the moment I've been reading a lot of manga — Akira, Vagabond, and Pluto are ones I've recently managed to polish off.

Tragically I can't even remember the last novel I finished. Man, that's terrible...

What about you guys — what are you reading at the moment? And also, just as a personal question — who's using a e-reader? Been thinking about getting a Kindle for a while now...


    Last book I read was Always Looking Up by Michael J. Fox and Full Dark, No Stars by Stephen King. Unfortunately that was last August. Shameful, I know.

      1922 was awesome. King's always been an inspiration to me (aspiring novelist) and at the moment I'm reading 11.22.63 alongside Paradise Lost. Cannot wait for the wind through the keyhole.

    I finished A Feast For Crows a few weeks ago, just waiting for A Dance With Dragons to arrive now. I normally don't even read books, but Game of Thrones was too awesome.

      I'm somewhere in the middle of A Feast for Crows and it's a bit of a struggle compared to the other books in the series. Maybe I've just run out of momentum and need to read something else before getting back to things.

      I've been reading the set since I got it from Amazon late last year. Absolutely love it. I'm about a 1/3rd of the way through Dance with Dragons and it's nice to be back with the old crowd after Feast for Crows. But I found FFC really refreshing after spending so much of the last 3 novels with the same characters. It was good to have a new set of perspectives.

        It was definitely interesting to learn about other parts of Westeros, albeit a bit slow at times. Still enjoyed it though.

        The problem with all of those new perspective characters is that they just get dumped on you in one big hit. Would have been much better to integrate them into the story in the previous book so that it's less of a shock when suddenly most of the familiar faces are gone.

      I'm about halfway through A Dance with Dragons, but been finding it hard to find time to set aside for it - I've been reading it since Christmas... getting distracted by games, work, and the need for sleep.
      Also started reading the AC:Revelations book (preorder bonus for AC3 at EB), which is much easier to read (shorter chapters, HUGE text so I can still read when I'm really tired :P, and pretty short), but it's very difficult to not pause in irritation every few sentences due to the author's penchant for sentence fragments (he really needs to learn how to use semicolons).

    A lot of Stephen King.

    Recently finished the original Dark Tower series, going to be starting The Stand next while waiting for my The Wind Through the Keyhole to arrive. D:

      Ah, The Stand. I loved that so damn much. I recommend this to almost any one who's into Stephen King, but if you haven't read Duma Key then you should. Best of his new stuff, in my opinion.

        Have you ever seen the telly movie? The first part (of four) is so good that the other parts had no hope of maintaining my interest.


        You can't make a movie where in the first act the world ends, and then have three more parts of people driving around.

          I loved The Stand mini-series until I actually got around to reading the book. Now I can't stand it. Still get chills at Don't Fear the Reaper, though. There was talk of a new movie a while back. Here's hoping it eventuates... and is good. :P

            I always associate "Don't Fear the Reaper" with "The Frighteners".
            Now that was a weird film; part comedy part scarey. Didn't know whether to laugh or scream.

    As homosexual as this sounds:
    The Night Circus.

    It's an awesome book, though!

    Just finished "Throne Of The Crescent Moon" by Saladin Ahmed, which I recommend (a kind of swords-and-sorcery novel set in a fictional Arabia).

    I'm now reading "The Sun Over Breda" by Arturo Perez-Reverte, a Spanish historical novel set during the Eighty Years War in what is now the Netherlands.

    I've gradually been reading Gauntlgyrm, I like fantasy however what I enjoy reading the most is short stories my favourite short story author being Raymond Carver, most of the short stories you can buy are normally collections of several authors so it's hard to know them by name.

    I'm listening to the Game of Thrones audiobooks

    atm im reading through hitch-22. Previous to that was the first game of thrones book. Good stuff :P

    Always been a big Terry Pratchett fan, but was recently given Good Omens (Terry and Neil Gaiman) as a present and am heavily into that at the moment.
    Also recently finished the latest Raymond E Feist book, A Kingdom Imperrilled. Not sure if it was just my copy but there seemed to be a lot of mistakes, mainly at the edting level (words missing, wrong word) , but the most jarring was a major plot problem where the author seems to get two of the characters mixed up.
    Still a great story, but dissappointing.

      Sorry, A Crown Imperiled.

        Hmm, i finished that a month or 2 ago. I can't remember any major errors (Apart from a reference to a character from the first trilogy).

      Bloody brilliant book (Good Omens), read it 3 times now.

    Just finished up The Count of Monti Cristo, so on to Game of Thrones next

    Getting through the Song of Ice and Fire series again. I try to once a year and even more so now that the new season is due very soon.

    Re-reading 'The Last Wish' the first "The Witcher" short story collection. Making a lot more sense a second time through.

    this blog...

    Just finished Paramedico by Benjamin Gilmour about his travels as an ambulance officer around the world. Talk about the alternate realities in which some people live (or are forced to live). Makes you thankful to be in the relatively safe communities we have in Australia.
    Just about all of our new books are Kindle now. I use the (backlit) iPad version when reading in bed at night. My wife keeps the Kindle in her handbag.

    My own goddamn PhD thesis. Over and over again.

    But I did read Dune for the first time the other week. I also read Why Does E=MC2?


    I'm current reading "Predictably Irrational". Its a pop-science book on a similar topic as my PhD. Its not bad.

    I think I'm going to read "On the Road" next and the "Mogworld" by Yahtzee.

    Yes, I have fairly eclectic tastes.

      so what is your PhD on?

    I've got three on the go. One at work, one by the couch, and one on my bedside table for before-bedtime reading.

    Feed by Mira Grant - an awesome post-zombie apocalypse novel based on a couple of bloggers (the only relevant form of media, dontchaknow) following a presidential candidate on the campaign trail through zombie-infested America. For any zombie aficionados out there, I highly recommend it.

    A Storm of Swords by George R R Martin - 'nuff said.

    City of Dragons by Robin Hobb - The third in a series of four books in the Rain Wild Chronicles. I've only just started this one.

      Okay, totally did not realise that Rain Wild Chronicles was meant to be four books. City of Dragons, here I come! Thanks TLQ!

    I just finished "Look Me In The Eye' which is about aspergers syndrome. Next up Dean Koontz or the new Matthew Reilly book. Can't decide.

    does manga count?

      It totally counts!

        Then i suppose i've been reading Trigun Maximum. I didn't realize that Trigun continued after the original Anime/Manga. Since i absolutely loved the anime, as soon as I saw the book at my local Anime/Manga specialty store, I almost died... Thank god I didn't, otherwise I would've never started to read it...

    Can't stand reading :|

      That must make commenting on blogs rather difficult.

    finished off all the song of fire and ice books over the holidays and just finished reading scarecrow and the army of theives by matthew reily

      Would really advise reading all his other books if you have not. He is one of my favourite authors.

        i own every matther reily book out except hover car racer i absolutely love the jack west jr series and scarecrow series would of loved to see him do somewhat of a crossover of the 2 books when he wrote 5 ancient warriors since it already mentions scarecrows unit (1st force recon) and they use the maghook but oh well i can dream

    I recently got a Kindle.
    The amount of free content available is amazing. Reading all the old great SF.
    Shelley's "Frankenstein", Robert A Heinleins "Citizen of the Galaxy" etc
    Currently reading Edgar Rice Burrough's Princess of Mars(of "John Carter" fame)

    The Stand - Great book; one of my favourites.

    Going to finish reading Inheritance tonight and then start on Game of Thrones.

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