What Are You Watching?

Last week we talked about what you guys were reading, but what are you watching? TV shows, anime, sport? This is a chance to take a breather from games and flap your gums about other topics for a change. Me? I'm ploughing through season 4 of Mad Men, and trying to finish off The Sopranos. Man am I late to that party...

I'm enjoying The Sopranos, but part of me feels as though, while it was obviously massively influential in its day, it has been surpassed by other novel-like TV shows. Watching Mad Men and The Sopranos side-by-side, I'm definitely enjoying Mad Men more — sharper dialogue, better writing. I'm sure most of you disagree!

I used to spend a lot of time watching anime, but it's been a while since I've really gotten into one. The last was probably Monster — which is a really faithful replication of the manga of the same name. It's one of my all time favourites, so I would thoroughly recommend that.

Anyway — that's what I'm watching at the moment. What about you guys?


    Nothing - I need new shows!!!

      Because the walking dead finished.

        Should I watch Game of Thrones next?

          Yes! Second season comes out next week!!! :D

          Better yet, read the books, they're much more detailed and thoroughly rewarding.

            Yeah the books are excellent. But the tv show is damn good as well. Especially for people that do not read very fast.

    Mad Men's fifth season had it's fifth season premiere last night! Glad to see it back.

    Don't watch much anime but Usagi Drop caught my eye... Haven't started yet and I'm not not sure if it's any good. Here's hoping.

    Just finished Arrested Development S3.

    It's the best.


      Got all seasons of that and haven't watched it yet.. I keep meaning to though

        I'm gonna go as far as saying its funnier than British Office, yep, that happened.

          As someone who dislikes Ricky Gervais, beating the UK version of The Office is not difficult as far as I'm concerned. However, Arrested Development is the funniest thing that has ever been on television.

            So true.

              It's hard to decide between The Office and Arrested Development - both are brilliant, my advice is to watch them both. And when you're done,get on with some Black Books!

    I been watching OZ for like the 4th time something about prison life just interests me that ofcoarse doesn't mean I want to be in one i'd be labeled someones prag in a minute.

    Sopranos for me was a tipping point for me in what I watch. It is hard to compare to Madman but I think Sopranos certainly laid the ground work for shows like Madman to be made. Sopranos also has one of the most amazing divisive endings ever that I loved. Will be very keen to get your take on it when you get there Mark.

    Star Trek Enterprise. It's the only Star Trek series I've never seen, so I thought I may as well give it a go.

      You are in for a treat! I warn you it will leave you wanting more and scratching your head at how such a great series could ever be cancelled.

        I think had it first season been more interesting it would've had a chance - season 3 was an absolute cracker but by then it was virtually dead in the water.

    Avatar: The Legend of Korra has had the first two episodes released online. It's awesome. Can't wait for the series to start up properly in a week or two.

    Young Justice is churning out episodes again, so that makes me rather happy. Great show for those with even the slightest interest in DC heroes (and even if you aren't, Kid Flash is awesome).

    Community is finishing up their third season. Six seasons and a movie!

    Other than that, I still need to finish watching Band of Brothers again. Started watching it again recently and made it to episode 3 or 4 before getting distracted. Definitely worth sticking through to the end, just need to find time to marathon it.

      A fellow Young Justice fan! :D
      You don't have to be a hardcore DC fan to like it which is awesome, The new take on Aqualad is interesting but I love what they've done with Captain Marvel.

        I'm a fan of Wally West Flash, so having him as Kid Flash works rather well for me. Not too keen on Super Boy, so the latest episode wasn't that great for me. That's the downside of focusing on different members of the team, sometimes the episode is about the one you don't care about that much.

        It'd be nice to see more of Artemis, she seems to have gone missing lately.

          Ha, I forgot she was even on the team!
          Superboy isn't as annoying as I thought he'd be but Kid Flash is definitely one of the more likable members though my favourite team memeber is probably Robin.
          The overall quality of the show is pretty good too, hopefully we'll see more shows like this to come.

          Flash: "Earth has another Green Lantern. What about Guy Gardner?"
          Hal and Jon: "No!"

          As I think we've said before Trjn, best Robin ever. Worst Joker ever.

          KF is a bro, and I don't mind what they're doing with Conner.

          Great to see they're starting to mention some lesser known heroes, like Guardian, Icon and Rocket.

            Robin and KF are rather similar on the surface but I like them both enough that I don't mind the double dipping :p

            Robin's leadership arc is pretty damned brilliant and I'm surprised how mature they're

            My problems with Superboy come from me just not liking the character much. He's too angsty and angry. Doesn't really get to show the depth that Robin or Artemis do because he's just not a real person. At least, in terms of being a fleshed out character.

            A lot of lesser knowns pop up in side roles. In just the last two episodes we've had Beast Boy and Bizarro (okay, he's not so much of a lesser known), the prison episode was pretty awesome for showing off a whole host of rogues and villains. Shame they screwed up the Joker so much but they have done well with pretty much everyone else.

              Turns out that the person I thought was Bizarro is actually Match (which is what they call him in the episode, just didn't know the character).

    I just finished the Sopranos, I was also late to the party on that one, I only remember watching the parts of the last season, so I decided to see what the fuss was about, and it was great as expected, tho it wasn't all that comfortable to watch on the tram. Currently watching Entourage, another show I have watched parts of I think season 7, and now going back to watch it all, another show that watching on the tram wont be all that great, especially if someone decides to take a peak during a possible sex scene and assume I am watching porn on the tram.

    Started watching the long way down and also the long way round last night. Ewan McGregor and Charlie Boorman riding bikes around the world. Quite interesting. I have also been meaning to get into Mad Men at some point.

    Slowly making my way through the One Piece anime. I'm nearly up to date. Under 100 episodes to go. Just got up to the Whitebeard war. Oars Jr has just made landfall to save Ace. I know how it turns out having read the manga but it's still fun to watch.

    I rarely watch TV these days, I spend my time either playing games or working on my game design idea.
    Anime-wise I have the first DVD of Gurren Lagann that I have really enjoyed, but I have been too tight/slack to get the rest of the series.

      Dont be tight/slack, one of my all time favourite animes. Dont worry too much about the movie though, it didnt really bring much more to the table

    I just watched the premiere of the new Avatar series the Legend of Korra and boy am I pumped for the series. Watching this has led me on a nostalgia trip as I'm currently trying to download the previous seasons of the last airbender. I really wish this series had bore better games because bending the elements seems like a fantastic mechanic.

    I also recently finished watching six feet under and wow was that series finale emotional. Finally I still enjoy watching the simpsons, modern family and Archer.

    Just finished season 1 of Game of Thrones and season 2 of The Walking Dead. Now just waiting for season 2 of Game of Thrones to start up. Hopefully that'll take me most of the way through to season 3 of The Walking Dead :D

    Game of Thrones is the only correct answer.

    Currently rewatching Game of Thrones for next week's season premier.

    Patiently waiting for season 4 of Breaking Bad to come out on bluray, until then, it's Season 3 of Archer, and Fringe (latest season)

      Me too! Up to S3 of both Archer and Fringe... was very surprised at how addictive Fringe is, very X-files feel to it.

      WTF was with S2ep11... Charlie is mysteriously ressurected from the dead for one episode? fail.

    Got through Game of Thrones last week and have started on Boardwalk Empire as of yesterday. Really enjoying it so far.
    Also started watching Unchained Reaction last night. Quite a good show hosted by the Mythbuster lads where 2 teams are given a ton of junk and have to make Rube Goldberg machines. Well worth a watch.

      This unchained reaction sounds awesome! AS a big Mythbusters fan I'll definitely have to check that out! Muchos cheers and that!

    Firefly. Again.

      yeah I just bought the Blu-ray version. Never seen it before, but thought I'd check it out since it's referenced in pretty much everything. Half way through and thoroughly enjoying it. Also watching Ugly Americans.

    It's Always Sunny in Philidelphia. Holy crap thats the funniest show on TV.

    Into season 2 of The Walking Dead. It's terrific and addictive. I've also just started Justified which is potentially as good a show as other high caliber drama's like Breaking Bad.

    I can't stress enough that everyone watches Ugly Americans & Superjail. If you're into animation they're two of the greatest shows around - really push why animation is a great medium.

    Sons of Anarchy

    Want to rewatch:
    The Shield
    The Muppet Show

    What I've seen most of in last two weeks:
    Play School (2 yo's fave show) - but the retro ones with George and Benita! \o/

      I lost track of Californication after season 2, is it still going/any good?

        Season 2 was disappointing. Season 3 was so bad, I only watched the first three eps and gave up. I picked it up again start of season 4, which was really really good. Season 5 is wrapping up now, and was also pretty good. It's got at least two more seasons to go from memory.

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