What Ever Happened To This Part Of Mass Effect 3's Leaked Script? (Spoilers)

Last November, the internet obtained a copy of the script to Mass Effect 3, the popular sci-fi role-playing game that came out earlier this month.

Developer BioWare said the script was out of date, but much of it is true to the game — including the controversial ending.

But as tipster Chris showed me today, one significant part of the story might have hit the cutting room floor.

Warning: The following contains some slight spoilers for Mass Effect 3:

While on the Citadel space station, you can meet with Aria, a displaced mercenary who has lost her base, Omega, to Cerberus forces. Although you can earn help from many of her mercenary brethren, you can't visit or make any attempt to recapture Omega. When the game ends, her story seems unresolved.

The leaked script is hard to read as it's a dumped text file with very little context or explanation. But some of the dialogue lines suggest that a mission to retake Omega may have been cut from the final version of Mass Effect 3.

Here are some lines in the leaked script that don't appear in the game:

The plan to reclaim Omega is taking shape.

Since we took back Omega, I've been consolidating my resources for the war. It's a little easier to coordinate from here.

How's the rebuilding going on Omega?

Why did BioWare cut this section? Will they revive it for future downloadable content? Or was it removed for other reasons?

BioWare said it wouldn't comment on speculation.

[Thanks Chris!]


    Wonder if its on the disk to lol

    Just another loose end. I'm sure you'll get the option to take back Omega in some future paid DLC. It's sad how poor ME2/3 were, such a promising start. Oh well, time to look forward to something else now.

    probably another DLC in the works.. 45 minute mission to take back Omega that will cost you US$10 or AUS$15 through (and only available from) Origin.

      Yeah, I'm betting they make it DLC, too...

      I don't know if I'll even buy any DLC unless it's super amazing or the ending gets changed/elaborated on. It's a little discouraging to go back and play DLC knowing none of it makes a difference in the end anyways.



    Man... ACDC could make a killing shilling for mega publishers.

    If it's anything like the quality of Shadow Broker, i'll be all over it. Then again...Aria is pretty anoying.

      Yeah, folks who complain about DLC need to take a good look at Shadow Broker and The Arrival.
      The Shadow Broker was full of good story and lore bits (who didn't spend a good half-hour reading dossiers?), and The Arrival was amazing at its job - which was to get peoples' tired old ME2 Sheps good and excited for ME3. (ALMOST A YEAR TOO EARLY. Possibly people forget that ME3's release date was delayed so hard.)

    Look for DLC, almost certainly. And like all Mass Effect DLC, it will be overpriced.

    Shadow Broker conversations were also on the ME2 disk, and that particular DLC came out almost a year after release.

    I think they are covering that story with the comics

    It was planned for an april release.. prob along with some new MP content as well. But given ME3's current state I would assume they would have to fix the ending before they could release any DLC.

      I would much rather have new MP content than whatever 'pandering to the whiners' they have planned.

    I thought it was really weird that you helped Arai and then nothing happened with it. It will be DLC.

      I had thr same thought. I went to her a few times after getting the other gangs under her banner and was confused with her lack of conversation.

    Given how poorly "take Earth back" went, "take Omega back" has no appeal for me.

    I'd wondered this too, especially when those lines were in the leaked beta.

    Pointless DLC that will change nothing because nothing you can do or say can make any difference to the outcome.

    Yeah this seemed to be a loose end, so DLC for sure.

    As one of the few who actually enjoyed the ending of ME3 (The only part I didn't understand was why Joker and random members of Sheperds team were travelling through a mass relay), I'm looking forward to any future content.

    Joker is a coward and il shoot him on site. :(

    I always thought it was weird Aria had nothing new to say after I got the mercs together. Hope this is expanded on, it could be cool.

    would anyone here even consider buying ME3 DLC after the ending fiasco? [spoilers] to me it would just feel like a waste of time doing any more pre-ending missions as it's now clear that decisions made in all 3 games have little to no effect whatsoever on the ending [spoilers]

    Well, Omega Ithink will be a DLC. I also think there will be a DLC for the ending and I hope it is for free. I am pretty relaxed going with the indoctrination theory. So there need to be some closure. AND hey....if it is like that and DLC is free, BIOWARE played well and indoctrinated us all LOL(maybe a bit too long, they should not wait too long, otherwise all will be angry and a good idea turns into a catastrophy for them) In case they dare to charge for the Ending DLC, I simply return the game and get my money back, since all marketing and PR promisses were not fullfield. And I bought a full game because I was promissed closure. I just wait and see.

    Is there anywhere we can read this leaked script?

    Anyway, I wouldn't hold breath. It disappointed me immensely that Omega (which is practically an invulnerable weapon platform) was not taken back for the Final Fight. Of course, DLC would have to take place before the Earth fight but it can't be referenced further (unless they declare the ending a dream and have a series of DLC leading up to the real final fight for Earth, which I only have hope for because it'd be a damn good cash cow for EA)

    Lets just say for arguments sake...We never received the original ending in the first place. It is entirely possible that they had it in the bag already back in November (when the game was supposed to come out and didn't because of the leaks). I mean come on, this is EA...they are notorious for this kind of crap....Bulletstorm,...which never seems to end...and Fallout where they changed the ending completely....Perhaps it is simply a business decision..to see if consumers are stupid enough to buy a game that isn't complete...than complain about it until we receive the missing puzzle pieces. Maybe the Shepard story is done (although...I personally doubt it..it would be idiocy to end a record breaking franchise)....but as anyone reading the comics or novels would no...there is A LOT more to the Mass Effect universe than just Shepard.

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