What If Final Fantasy VII's Villain Were A Lady?

Don't let that long hair and fine features fool you; Final Fantasy VII's Sephiroth is definitely a dude. http://www.kotaku.com.au/2012/01/the-very-best-in-cosplay-crystal-graziano"><a href="Crystal Graziano is definitely not.

The cosplayer recently tried her hand (sword?) at Sephiroth. The result, above, is Lady Sephiroth. And it so works.

OnPaperWings [DeviantArt]

(Top photo: BigWhiteBazooka)


    wrong girl to use, still alright though

    the boobs are a nice touch.

    Classic Bashcraft.

      Cosplaying: Keeping Ashcraft employed since 2005

    Pretty sure Sephiroth was a woman...

      Yeah, uh... guys? Sephiroth already was a woman. If she were a man, then all those posters and magazines I have...

    Technically, the villain for most of the game WAS a lady.

    Sephiroth himself didn't appear till around halfway through the game...

    Sephiroth is male?

      *Trent beats Aerin to the punch*


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