What If Online Gamers Were Completely Honest?

What If Online Gamers Were Completely Honest?

Plenty of people don’t like Cracked, but I quite like the site, particularly when they cast their eye towards video games. This video in particular — which shows what online gamers would say if they were 100% honest — hits a lot of nails on a lot of heads!

I haven’t played online for such a long time now — the last time may have been a Kotaku Halo Reach night. Man, that was so long ago! But I think most of us have encountered these types in the past…

If Online Gamers Were Honest — powered by Cracked.com


  • Yeah. Yeah that’s… that’s about right.
    I have the sudden urge to deny having ever played a video game now.

  • Josh beat me to it, but who doesn’t like Cracked? Not every column is a winner (e.g. Christina) but some of it is awesome (Seanbaby, Cheese)

  • I have different experiences online unfortunately

    1. Dead Silence

    2. Some annoying 14 year old who talks to himself.

    3. Someone with a broken mic and for some reason I can’t find a way to mute the static.

  • I also came here to comment about the possibility of people not liking Cracked. How could this be a thing? It’s the goddamn shit.

    The funny thing is I didn’t find this all that funny, not compared to the usual stuff. Smile worthy, but not laugh-out-loud stuff.

    (In my opinion.)

    • Mm, cracked ain’t so bad. There’s stuff I like and there’s stuff I don’t like but that’s true of anything

  • Why would you start an article with totally unsupported rhetoric like “Plenty of people don’t like Cracked”?

    Wether “plenty of” people like it or not, that opinion has not disuaded you from writing an entire article about some aspect of the site so why bother mentioning it?

    Are the writer’s for kotaku just recruited off the street? Like some member of staff just goes outside and asks every person they see “Do you think you’re a writer? You do? Would you like to write for us? You would? Well come right this way Mr Plunkett, your desk awaits!”

    • “Are the writer’s for kotaku just recruited off the street?”

      No. They found Mark half-drunk in an Irn Bru factory.

    • Well, you can’t spell ‘whether’, ‘dissuaded’, or ‘writers’. Looks like you’ve got the job, too! 😛

      • I didn’t know what a inflection was until someone tried to insult my writing, I wonder do people research every aspect of English so they can mute any argument you raise?

    • While Mark’s very odd choice of beginning the article is certainly strange, to imply he is anything less than one of the best journalists Kotaku has is pretty damn insulting.

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