What Is This New Square Enix Game?

Square Enix is launching a "secret title" this summer. It features illustrations by Yusuke Naora and Maski Hirooka.

According to 2ch sleuths, the name of the game is apparently Crystal Conquest based on this domain name page. The tagline in the teaser trailer is "'C' is coming."

In that teaser trailer, there are helmets, armour and spinning crystals. Yep! It looks like a Japanese role-playing game. Wonder if it's a Japan-only smartphone title...

スクウェア・エニックスだからこそ〇〇〇がここまできた! [Square Enix]


    The Sims?

      And I'm guessing that each Sim has some sort of angst problem?

    Versus? ? ?

    The new Crystal Chronicles on the Wii U

    C is the third letter of the alphabet. PLEASE BE KINGDOM HEARTS 3!!!

    Just CAUSE 3?

    Heh.... so they have yet another game coming out and Versus still isn't out? This is now at Duke Nukem forever levels of vaporware hilarity Sqeenix. Seriously.

    its not going to be versus or KH3

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