What Is This, Sonic Or Mirror’s Edge?

What Is This, Sonic Or Mirror’s Edge?
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This is from Sonic Advance 3, released on the Game Boy Advance in 2004. But boy, it looks a lot more like a demake of Mirror’s Edge, no?

[via Noirlac]

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  • Article Of The Year!!!

    I knew clicking on it would be pointless (it is Luke after all) but the skill at which he posted a picture of one thing and made a comment that it was similar to something else is astounding…. *slow clap*

      • I always found Luke worse than Bashcraft.
        Though to be fair I think it’s because I always got the feeling Brian is just oblivious to what he’s doing, he’s off living in a country where the stuff he posts probably is relevant gaming news (I hear anime girls are big in Japan).
        Luke…. I just…. can’t comprehend it

  • def sonic, not mirrors edge, i can still see, after looking at the pic for a min or 2, i go almost blind for a while after about 2 mins of mirrors edge, its way to bright

  • This is a worse “Remember This” article yet. There wasn’t even enough time for the first comment to guess the correct game, the author did it himself!

  • And people give me guff for bagging on this guys articles.

    You’d probably be better off just changing the author’s name to “Kotaku general”, that way we’d at least not have such a direct target for our disappointment during the slow part of the day.

  • For ages, I figured Luke was just some early 20’s intern who marinated in internet memes, and didn’t know any better. Then I find out he’s married, and in mid thirties.

    This is awful. It’s also just plain wrong. Mirror’s Edge used a white base to maximise the effect of its strong contrasts, which made finding object of interest easy to do when moving fast. This image is all shades of blue, very little contrast, and is designed to be ignorable backdrop.

    • Just checked. Not a single comment complaining about it. Hell, even that one article Bashcraft posted a while back about the kid who got tortured after playing some video games (since removed from our Kotaku) only had a few people complaining about its lack of relevance to gaming, and the rest were saying DON’T LIKE IT DON’T READ IT NERD.

    • I just had a look and no. . . from the looks of things the Americans seem to be using the article as a jumping off point for discussions amongst themselves. . . rather than pointlessly bashing the author. . .

    • I’m confused, I read that certain Bashcraft article and I seriously cannot see anything wrong with it, even the so called ‘incoherent, juvenile final paragraph’. . . is there something I’m missing here?

      • It is same sort of drivel you would expect to see out of one of those celebrity magazines or TMZ.
        Look at it: It’s absolutely nothing. A “celebrity” (that 99% of the audience probably has never heard of) made a mistake, and then someone who has been labelled as the “nintendo fanboy” in this compelling drama, responds! What a controversy!

        Ever see “news* on ACA or TodayTonight about how some TV personality bought a car? Every say to yourself “what is this bullshit, this isn’t news” (of course you have, you would say this every time you watched ACA/TT)? Because, that is exactly what Brian’s article is.

        Brian is to Kotaku what ACA/TT is to news.

      • Because I still have a little left in me:
        His article belongs on a fanblog.
        I wouldn’t expect to see it on Kotaku (assuming that I only expected good articles).
        I wouldn’t expect to see it on the Japanese Kotaku (assuming that one existed).
        I wouldn’t expect to see it on 6 o’clock news in Japan.
        The only place I would expect to see it is a fanblog, dedicated to Mr. Revolution’s constant surveillance.

        • Funny thing is I actually know who T.M Revolution is and have listened to some of his music, but I do agree with the 99% of the audience assumption.

          But I digress, did I consider the argument news, well it informed me of a scenario of a situation I know very well of, a few of the friends I know are fanboys of a product/company in some way or another, and I think the article arrucately depicts how obsessive fans can sometimes go to far with their fandom. But does that make this news of interest to us. . . no, but none the less it is considered news to someone somewhere.

          I like how you bring up ACA/TT and you are right, I have at some point or another found myself asking how what I was watching could be considered news. I like the association you make between Brian Ashcraft and ACA/TT, but there is one more point I would like to add to that: just like ACA/TT, while complaining about Bashcraft might feel good, it’s isn’t going to accomplish much in the long run.

          • Hnngh I guess you’re right about the fanboy thing. Some dudes are just outright nuts, even enough to get up some guy’s grill about it, even though they’ve never met (yay internet). But shit, I guess I would like to see that thing expanded on more or something. Hell, it’d be a great thing to say in that last paragraph instead of that flow-of-thought thing he was exercising there.

            And you’re right about the bashing-doesn’t-do-anything, but darn if things don’t get so confusing and or maddening sometimes.

  • *picture*

    “Post a Picture” is a picture that is posted. You’ll find “Post a Picture” stories every Mon-Fri between 11pm and Midnight ET.

  • .. What.


    Plunkett. That is a cityscape. ANY pixelart cityscape with some white in it will look just like this. How the hell did you draw a bow long enough to compare this to Mirror’s Edge? In what universe could this be considered NEWS? This isn’t even something I would dream of mentioning as an off-topic note in an average conversation, and you publish an article about it?

    I’m sorry. I don’t like calling names or throwing around judgment on the internet, but it has to be said. This is pathetic journalism. I would fail an eighth grade English student for this nonsense. I sincerely hope that you weren’t paid for this. If you were, I hope that you aren’t paid for things like this much longer.

    • They don’t get paid for their views on Kotaku AU. And the US users don’t hate him.
      So that doesn’t really apply.

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