Whatever The Hell 'Full Contact Bingo' Is, EA's Trademarked It

Weekends were made for trademark applications, and Electronic Arts went to the trouble of filing to protect "Full Contact Bingo", reports trademark/domain hawk Fusible.

It's definitely for a video game, per the terms of the application. What form it takes, who knows. Odds are this would be a Facebook game. If it's a downloadable console title, all bets are off.

But I so want EA Sports to be working on this.

Electronic Arts files trademark applications for ‘Full Contact Bingo' [Fusible]


    It's what happens after one granny accuses another granny of cheating at bingo. Colloquially known as "the walking frame wars".

    DAM IT
    I was just about to set up a national league!!! Channel ten was interested in the TV rights and everything.

    it will be a genre leading cover based FPS with the term 'Bingo' being a codename for a operating operator

      Benevolent Investigators Never Gutting Opinions?


    Full Contact Bingo? Maybe a code? FCB...Finally Creating (a true) Battlefield 3?

    A guy can dream can't he?

    Calling it now, I bet it's a Kinect bingo game.

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