'What's Happening Is The Destruction Of The Classic Game Console'

What's happened in the business of video games this past week ...

QUOTE | "What's happening is the destruction of the classic game console." — John Welch, CEO of Making Fun, talking about the impact of mobile and social gaming on the game industry.

QUOTE | "Wii U is dead if they launch at $US259." — Wedbush Securities analyst Michael Pachter, talking about the Wii U's possible list price and how it will affect sales.

STAT | 850,000 — Total number of Android devices activated each day, according to Google SVP Andy Rubin, talking about the continued growth of the Android platform.

QUOTE | "Anyone can throw crap at a wall and see if it sticks." — Ben Moore from Mighty Rabbit Studios, talking about the difficulties of being an iOS game developer.

QUOTE | "Mobile and social developers are moving at internet speed. So where does this leave traditional game publishers?" — Mark Friedler, game industry veteran, talking about what mobile and social games are doing to other game publishers.

QUOTE | "My mistake was in predicting that they would behave as rational business people." — Michael Pachter, research analyst at Wedbush Securities, talking about Nintendo's failure to ship a Wii HD years ago.

QUOTE | "Why not put our IP [on mobile and social]?" — Sony Worldwide Studios head Shuhei Yoshida, on the possibility of Sony putting out some of their IP on mobile or social platforms.

QUOTE | "I don't like it when Zynga gets bad press." — Rich Hilleman, Chief Creative Officer for Electronic Arts, saying he would defend any company in the game industry when they are wrongfully attacked.

STAT | $US2.3 billion — Size of the virtual goods market in 2011, according to a new study from Magid Advisors.

QUOTE | "It can totally turn around the way games are created." — Scott Zerby, president of Gamers Digital, talking about Double Fine's incredible success with Kickstarter.

QUOTE | "Platform owners could have cut us off a long time ago." — GameStop CEO J Paul Raines, talking about how GameStop continues to work with publishers despite selling used games, which publishers despise.

QUOTE | "Conditions [are] becoming markedly more challenging." — Steve Bailey, senior analyst for games at IHS, talking about the Facebook gaming market for 2012.

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    Sorry Mr John Welch, but I disagree.

    Mobile and social gaming will never replace my console. Oh, I see you are a publisher of social and casual games. So basically you “throw crap at a wall and see if it sticks.” — Ben Moore from Mighty Rabbit Studios.


      I lol whenever the "Smart Phones and Social Gaming will destroy Consoles" line gets thrown around. Until a smart phone can let me play on 46" TV with 5.1 Surround sound and a comfortable and precise controller I'll always be in the market for something that can.


    Ironic, consoles were suppose to replace PC's years ago too, yet PC gaming is still strong enough for many developers and publishers to make a living out of it.

      I see Consoles turning more into a Home Entertainment System with Cable/Satellite TV features, movie streaming, DVD/Blue ray play back. Internet integration, media centre and gaming all wrapped up into one powerful box.

      It all goes back to remove the need for multiple devices

      Actually, all gaming was on consoles until Commander Keen released. So yeah, it's id's fault you guys exist.

    You have to login/register for a site to see any of those stories. Kotaku Fail.

      Kotaku doesn't have any control over whether you have to sign up for someone else's website. They simply provide links to anyone who has, or will, sign up. So... you mean news site fail.

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