When Mass Effect 3 'News' Goes Wrong

The Mass Effect 3 Datapad is a free iPad and iPhone app that lets people read about the game's alien races and other lore while they are on the go. It also lets them raise their Galactic Readiness in their Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 or PC versions of the game via a simple mini-game in the app — without having to play the main game's multiplayer!

That's not all.

It has a news feed that the people behind the Mass Effect 3 Datapad might want to re-think. When I downloaded the app on Sunday night and saw there were at least 10 pieces of news waiting for me to read, I found what you can see in the image above. (Click it to enlarge.)

Do the makers of the Datapad really want me to think that their game's latest news is that they're a punching bag for people who are pissed about Mass Effect 3's ending? And that they're fielding possible bug reports?

I'm thinking that defining "Mass Effect 3 News" as "the stuff that the person who runs the Mass Effect Twitter account just tweeted" isn't such a hot idea. We don't even do that.


    Yeah, the one downside is that the Mass Effect feed has primarily been in damage control for the last week. I don't bother checking it anymore.

    i'm sorry but shut up.
    you are seemingly just jumping on the "MASS EFFECT 3 SUX" bandwagon.

      99% of the game was fine. The ending ruined the entire trilogy though.

        ^ this

        /thirded. the motion carries. sorry watching too much question time.

        The ending was so bad that it sent you back in time and made you have a bad time playing through the previous 99%, and then had the nerve to send you back AGAIN [perhaps as far as 2007,] and have a bad time playing the first two.

        How'd you get back to 2012?

          I went back to 1991 once. Now I'm an old man. I have to wait until 2015 before I can prevent my middle-aged self from pushing that button.

            Wait, I didn't post this. Who's doing that?

              Crap. I forgot I posted here. Disregard this.

                HANG ON, WHO ARE YOU? WHAT BUTTON?

                  that awkward moment when jokes sound funnier in your head...

      It's wrong for people to have a problem with a half-assed sequel pushed out for quick bucks just because you thought it was super-rad?

        nope, haven't even played 3, only played one, so your argument is invalid....

        it's just obviously there is a lot of hate around it, and kotaku is just jumping on the hate by pointing out this tiny detail that isn't even that bad

    Saying the ending ruined the trilogy is like saying the Star Wars prequels ruined the original trilogy

      no, no it's not, it's absolutely nothing like that at all.

      Technically they did because Lucas went and retconned things into the original trilogy based on events of the prequels.

    Easy programming fix. Make the datapad only show @masseffect tweets that include a #MEnews hashtag or something, and then make the social media team use that hashtag.

    I'm saying this right now hardcore Mass Effect fans are worse than the stereotype hardcore snobbish Star Trek fans

      Yea, I'm getting sick of the same people bashing a good ending.

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