When The Rockstar Met The Nintendo Fanboy

Fanboys are awful. They can make innocent conversations uncomfortable. Just ask Japanese rocker T.M. Revolution. He is one of Japan's most recognisable singers. He's also the proud owner of a new PS Vita.

"Just as I'd heard, the screen is huge, and it's beautiful!" T.M. Revolution tweeted. "It's also easy to use, and, yep, I totally want to play Monster Hunter 3G on this!

"What's more," the singer continued, "this is my first tweet from the PS Vita!"

Innocent, enough, no? He got a new piece of hardware, he likes it, and he wants to play a game on it. Thing is, Monster Hunter 3G is on the 3DS. It's not on the PS Vita. Suddenly, an innocent conversation is not so innocent — and red meat for fanboys.

"That bit about Monster Hunter was unnecessary," tweeted Japanese Twitter user Tekitou. "It makes a bad impression".

T.M. Revolution seemed surprised, replying to Tekitou, with a "Huh?"

Tekitou is following only eight Twitter users (Nintendo is first on his follow list; T.M. Revolution is not on it). He replied to the singer, noting that Capcom made best use of the 3DS's features and characteristics when developing and launching Monster Hunter 3G, then asking him what Capcom would think about the singer's 3DS denial.

Another Twitter user pointed out that T.M. Revolution didn't do anything wrong, forwarding him a Japanese game site link detailing the whole Twitter incident. Online, others commented that it's natural to say you want to play Monster Hunter on Sony hardware due to its long history on the PSP. Others added that the singer didn't say the 3DS was awful. Yet, T.M. Revolution still apologized.

And then the conspiracy theorist came out of the woodwork, like they always do, pointing out that T.M. Revolution is on Sony's music label. Who's the fanboy now, eh? Eh? Um...

Speaking of music, you know what the best thing for video games could ever be? If they were like music in that you could play, say, T.M. Revolution's debut solo album on cassette, mini-disc, CD, or MP3 — whatever the hell you wanted. If you wanted an analogue experience, you could get that. If you wanted something slick and digital, you could get that, too. Or if you wanted to play his latest album on an Apple machine, you could do that. Or a Samsung machine, you could do that, too. But no. Big companies box in hardware and provide fodder for internet bickering and, here, celebrity hassling.

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    For those who aren't aware, the Monster Hunter games are pretty much the entire reason the PSP was insanely successful in Japan compared to the rest of the world. It was practically issued at birth.

    This happens more often than it should.

    Storm in a non-existent tea cup. Seriously where is the news story here at all?

    Another quality kotaku US by bashcraft

      *facepalm* Oh Ashcraft, you never fail to disappoint.

    So... did that totally digress into a last paragraph rant or is it just me?

    I will be very very very very very surprised if Monster Hunter doesn't come out on Vita soon.

    Mostly because I've been importing all the japanese Monster Hunters and I'd like to play 3G but I can't because nintendo are jerks and region lock the damn thing.

    This is so stupid. This is so insignificant. Even if this was news, it wouldn't be news. He made a mistake? Or he was making an incredibly piss-poor attempt at trolling. It looks like he got confused more than anything.

    In fact, if he did it deliberately, how was it supposed to play out?
    "Oh boy, I got my new Sony Vita! I can't wait to play Monster Rancher 3G on it!"
    "Actually, Monster Hunter 3G is on the 3DS."
    "Well... uh. Fuck."

    This isn't news by a WIDE margin. This is something you'd find in a Japanese version of Women's Day or whatever. If this story were submitted to a news site that was all and only about things that happen in Japan, it would be rejected under "insignificant trivial bullshit".

    This is bad, and Brian should feel bad.

    What in the heck is that last paragraph?
    Did some twelve-year-old get a hold of Bashcraft's login and decide to post a non-sensical, non-sequitor piece of editorial?
    You say the best thing would be if we could play one game on multiple formats.
    Like say on PS3, 360, iOS, android, DS, 3DS, PSP or Vita?
    Should Diablo 3 be released for SNES, just to silence the haters of the digital gaming?
    What does this article have to do with anything?

      Explain to me what the hell is wrong with being twelve.

    found the article slightly intersting. 4/10

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