When Transformers Attack Grand Theft Auto IV's Liberty City

Here's one of the best Grand Theft Auto IV mods I've ever seen: a look at what happens when Transformers hero Optimus Prime invades Liberty City.

Optimus fits right in. You could almost call it... Grand Theft Autobots.

GTA IV - Optimus Prime (Transformers Mod) HD [YouTube — thanks Shashwat!]


    Might've been a cool/impressive video if he transformed into a truck...

    Looks cool, but man that runcycle is dodgy. Looks like he's running for the toilet :P

    Looks like a bloody gorilla. Not sure if it's MB's fault of the modders though...

    I wonder if anyone's tried something similar with Prototype? Seems like there'd be a lot more scope for interesting moves there...

    Where's Optimus Prime?

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