Where To Find Angry Birds Space's Golden Eggs

They're called eggsteroids now, OK? Like lots of other things in the latest version of Rovio's hit mobile franchise, the shiny collectibles in Angry Birds Space have changed. The golden orbs open up black holes that teleport you to secret levels that contain tributes to old-school games like Space Invaders, Breakout and Super Mario Brothers.

Eggsteroids can be tricky to spot, though, so we're starting up a rolling list of where they are and what they do. We'll be updating this list through the day. Chime in with what you've found in the comments below, too.

Where The Egg Is: Level 1-9 What It Unlocks: Space Invaders homage. Use the exploding birds to shoot down a pig in a UFO. Where The Egg Is: 1-20, in the bushes of the planetoid What It Unlocks: Super Mario Brothers homage. It's a recreation of World 1-1 from Nintendo's classic, so you'll want to aim at the floating block. Where The Egg Is: 2-19, in the bush on the bottom left planetoid What It Unlocks: Breakout homage. This nod at the classic Atari game lets your birds bounce around and ricochet the level.


    if you shoot below the asteroid then come back you can get all 3 piggys and the egg in one shot..

    argh..i actually am not a big fan on angrybirds really..i think its quite boring..

      That's good ^, there are loads that do. Was pleasantly surprised actually with this. Was a bit over it but its fun. Not so sure about them giving you a guide as to where your birds are gonna go now though

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