Which Looks Better? New iPad, PS Vita, Or The 3DS?

This is hardly scientific — and honestly, something I have yet to confirm myself. However, this set of photos apparently compares the new iPad to the PS Vita and the 3DS.

The 3DS stacks up to both, well, like one would expect. That's not a dig on the 3DS or Nintendo, but the handheld's screen simply isn't as high spec as the Vita's OLED screen or the new iPad's new screen.

What's interesting is how the Vita stacks up to the new iPad. The PS Vita's screen is smaller, sure, but with all the praise being heaped on the new iPad's screen, is it actually better?

画面の発色異常すぎwwwwwwwwwwwwww [High Gamers


    Over saturation isn't better. Display mate have found the new iPad to be reference quality.

    not really relevant. the screen resolutions are totally different and taking pictures of a screen is never perfect. saying that at a glance the vita looks like the clearest picture

    he did mention that it was hardly scientific and i do tend to agree with that, static images really can't do justice, we'd need to see the Vita and iPad play something in tandem to see how the screens look in motion (I assume)

    That being said I'm impressed that the Vita is able to look just as pretty as the iPad here, though if Wikipedia is to be believe both devices use a similar GPU

      In fact both have the same GPU. The CPU in the iPad and Vita are both ARM A9-derived as well, but the Vita's main CPU is quad core vs the dual core in the iPad. So pretty comparable, hardware-wise. The big difference is that the iPad's got to use that power to push an enormous resolution.

      Also side-by-side you would expect the Vita to stack up quite well because it's got a fairly pixel-dense screen to begin with. 220 ppi vs 260 or so on the iPad 3. You're already into diminishing returns with both. Plus the OLED tech has better contrast than the IPS panels Apple uses which gives a more vibrant picture.

      But that's now. I would expect the next iteration of the iPad will probably leapfrog the Vita in every way, especially if the price to produce higher-size OLED panels comes down in the next year or so to the point they can afford to use one.

    Vita looks significantly better. You'd think with the high price that Ipads would focus on screen resolution and prettyness. Guess the Vitas gamble with OLEDs really paid off. Have any of you seen how much better PSP games look on Vita? It's nuts.

    Looking forward to seeing the new iPad screen. Having both the 3DS and the Vita, the Vita is overwhelmingly superior. Want to see what the Vita compares likes.

    So erm... I noticed you don't even have the same photo as you do on the 3DS an iPad in the picture.... a dur...!

    as the iPad and the Vita in the picture... a dur!***

    Havn't really used an Ipad much, and have not played a Vita, but i'd imagine they are 10x better than a Nintendo product.

    seen all 3, size i suppose aint really comparable, but the vita looks the best. the new ipad is kinda......i dunno

    The iPad screen itself looks totally different in the last two shots anyway, why is this being reported as news, it is rubbish.

    The iPad doesn't have nearly as vibrant colors as the Vita. This is a fact, due to OLED vs. the IPS stuff Apple uses. I doubt Apple will go OLED all that readily though because it's a newer tech and they're going to be more likely to stick with the tried and true. Overall, the Vita's screen is going to look better because of OLED. The iPad's screen, like someone already said, would probably be better as a reference monitor, but not as good as a photo/video/game machine in terms of picture appeal. Just not as vibrant due to screen tech differences.

    I find it funny how people say the price is to high for a Vita but go out and buy a POS Apple iPad "3" that's apparently revolutionary. It seems lately the past 2 years Apple has packed in lacklustre hardware into their devices and just put a "new shine" on the product, with a slightly better OS, take the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S for example. All they did was add an 8.0 megapixel camera, and some gimmick Siri that doesn't even work as shown (jogging down the street planning meetings LMFAO yeah that doesn't work complete sales rubbish gimmick) they never try to out do the market, all Apple does these days is Install Windows 95 into "new revolutionary products" and then package it in a gold plated box. I am not biased but I also find it hilarious how people can buy 3,000,000+ of these iPads in a few days when they aren't anything new compared to the iPad 2 to be honest. We live in a throw away society what ever happened to "Going without, and enjoying what you had" I don't know. It's always want want want want!

      Foam at the mouth some more you bitter, bitter kid.

    It doesn't matter how good the screen is, it matters what you are using it to look at.

    I persionaly think that the vita looks a notch better than the ipad (neglecting the 3ds). Plus, the difference on the screen from the ipad and the vita, (counting the vita as better), the vita is apparently the console with the most buttons or interactions in the HISTORY of consoles! yeyah! but think people- the screen doesnt matter that much, because they ARE pretty similar. Am i right? I just want to get that vita, chillax on the sofa, and play play play!

    if your looking for pure gaming goodness, you should probably get a psvita.
    Another answer im looking for, is what are the top 10 best psvita games. PLZZZZZZZZZZZ????

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