Which Other Video Game Series Can Pull This Off?

As seen on my Xbox Live friends' list, Saturday night. So much for game sequels that make their predecessors obsolete.


    Stop press! People play recently released game, and it's popular predecessors!

    I hate the US bashing that goes on here, but come on - is this really worth posting?

    Is there some kind of Mass Effect 3 quota that needs to be reached every day to appease sponsors on the American end of things?

      The only thing worse than posts like this are comments like yours crying "advertising conspiracy!"

      now that the Skyrim requirements have died down... yes.

    U hate the US bashing BUT look.... Look at that^ granpappy has blocked the pipe. Again.

    And to answer the titular question ~ LOTS of series you dumb.... gold box d&d on c64 for starters.

    I've noticed the same. Some of my mates who don't normally grab day one releases have been playing ME3 nonstop.

    The point the author us trying to make is that the levels of his characters are higher in me 1 &2 Thames ME 3. The piece is so badly written it seems everyone has missed it.

      You've made 3 seperate comment threads on this post over the course of 45 minutes, and, by summing the 3 together, there's almost one coherent post. I'm not even gonna pretend to understand what "granpappy has blocked the pipe" means, but this isn't the first time you've posted it, so I suspect you're trying to make it a meme. It's not going to catch.

      As for the second one, c64 definitely did not have an online friend's list, so any claim for one game to be the only one that people are playing is purely speculative, but the real problem highlighted by your 3rd post is that you have missed the point. His point was that 4/5 of his friends are playing the same series of games, 2 games of which were released >2 years ago. That was his point with the "titular question".

      The most disappointing part is that i've seen you make posts of substance, and this is just rubbish :(

        I think you have me confused with someone else. I have never made a post of substance. It seems however I just made a post whilst on a substance. You are indeed correct.

          The c64 reference is in relation to the juxtaposition of the pic showing higher character levels for previous games in relation to the title.

            Why is that interpretation invalid? The focus on the photo is the game name and character levels.

              But his Plunkett-esque blurb underneath implies that his point is that people are still playing ME1 and ME2, ie ME3 hasn't rendered them obsolete.

                Plunkett-esque. LOL. gotta disagree - the stories of ME and ME2 automatically make them non - obsolete - thus the implication is that the info in the pic - the levels is what makes it obsolete. A valid inference. Which results in MY confusion.

                  No, the levels have nothing to do with it. It's just what Xbox live happens to display for the ME series. "So much for game sequels that make their predecessors obsolete". I don't know where you're getting the idea that the levels are important?

    I'm pretty sure the point is that not many other 3rd games in a series have people playing the first 2 just so that they have all the ducks in place for the best play through of the latest. I did my first 2 on xbox and am on the PC now. Seriously considering doing those xbox save hacks to import my character, but I found a reasonable enough one on masseffectsaves website.

    Halo 3 did back in 2007.

    guys and gals this article is clearly not about ME. Dark Souls! FTW

    This really pisses me off. Why is Dark Souls all in caps?

    I hate caps. The only thing worse is all lower case.

    I was playing Baldur's Gate last night... Does that count?
    Yeah, prollly not.

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