While You Were -- OMG What's A Steam Box?

Sleep is important, but the world? It keeps on spinning while you're catching some shut eye. That's where we come in — with a rapid round up of what went down while you were sleeping.

Man, the Steam Box. If this thing exists, it's sure to be a pretty big deal. If you're playing catch up, it's probably worth starting here, with the initial rumour. Following up here with the rumoured prototype pic, and then finishing up with a speculative piece on what a Steam Box might mean to the games industry.

So yeah, if you haven't guessed yet, it's all a bit airy fairy at the moment. That said, I do believe that the Steam Box exists, and I believe it will make it to market. And if it does? Well, things could change quite dramatically.

In less industry shaking news, this is the top 10 platinumed games on the PS3 and this is an interesting leaked promo for Forza Horizon. Man they really keep pumping those things out.

In Short Whatever A Steam Box Means To Video Games, Only Valve Knows For Sure Is This A Photo Of Valve's Rumoured Console, Or At Least A Prototype? Leaked Promo Trailer Says Forza Horizon Arrives This Spring Rumour: Maybe Valve Is Making A Console The Top 10 Platinumed Games On The PS3


    A steam box?
    It's what old people sit around in naked, whilst everyone else is wearing a towel - isn't it?

      Well played.

    While you are catching up on the Steam Box, I suggest not reading the comments.

    how would it work streaming ?

    Are we allowed to send you pics of our sleeping pets Mark to be shown in your next "While you were sleeping" feature?

    hey Mark, I think the Forza Horizon thing is fake.

    The trailer ends with a credit screen, with a dozen "hacker-esque" pseudonyms named as footage contributors. Hope not though, cos a Forza cross-country game would be SIIICK!

    So the "Steam Box" is just a 2011 Mac Mini Server running Windows?
    But I already have one of those sitting under my TV :(

    It's the new standard that would be boss. Reunify console gaming with pc innovation.

    I think most people don't realize what's pain in the ass it is for most people to get a gaming rig and keep it viably upgraded. Video cards are not intuitive. But if you let me buy a modestly but competently specced pc-steambox-casemachine, I'd jump on that in a heartbeat. It's honestly what the 360 should have been if Microsoft had been smart.

    I wish apple would just strong arm this mess with its cash on hand. Anything to let the technical and graphical potential of current tech get into the games. The time for dumbing down games' potentpial in order to accommodate the 360 should be over.

    . Or, maybe its just time for a new console generation. But remember the growing pains from last time? Devs didn't know how to work on the ps3 (no games) and everybody else was red-ringed out of the fun. Bad times, man.

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