While You Were Sleeping

While you were snoozing, OH MY GOD VIDEO GAMES. Yeah, it was pretty exciting. Here's a round-up of the news that happened overnight.

Blizzard has been working closely with Hasbro... to create World of Warcraft Monopoly. Forget traditional real estate, now you can go on an Azerothian real estate adventure! The currency looks pretty neat, too!

For those eagerly waiting for Final Fantasy Versus XIII, you should keep waiting. It's coming soon! Maybe.

In other news, Razer's CEO has donated $US10,000 to the Wasteland 2 Kickstarter, the creator of the Unreal Engine says consoles have 6-8 years left in them, and Waking Mars looks really neat.

In short World of Warcraft Monopoly puts a fresh face on fake currency $10,000 worth of Wasteland 2 is brought to you by Razer New Final Fantasy Versus XIII info This game is about gardening on Mars Creator of Unreal Engine says consoles have 6-8 years left in them yet


    Awww! I wanna fuss over both of them! They're so cute! \o/

    Tracey, get onto Mark about getting some Diablo 3 beta keys please :D

      Would you like one? I have 1 spare that I won on IGN

        Stevo I have been trying for weeks to get one. Including the IGN comp :|

          What's your email address? I'll send it through

          Have even been linking all the dif competitions on Whirlpool forums for others under my username Ravensbane. So I have helped a ton of people to win but not myself lol. About as hard to get as a leprechaun.

      I was in the closed beta from the beginning, the game isnt great, its just D2 with WoW graphics (Which arn't very good)
      Its seems like the same thing they did with starcraft 2, they were too afraid to make any significant changes, because they didnt want to alienate their koren fan base.

        Have heard similar and yet have also heard quite the opposite. I guess it will come down to each person of course. But after waiting 12 years there is always the chance we will be dissapointed.

          I played the game for about 20 minutes and as a long time Diablo/Diablo 2 fan, it just failed to get me hooked. I don't want to be a Debby Downer at you, but that's exactly what I am going to keep doing right now. I was at my friend's place and I had way more opportunity to play it but I don't know, I feel it's missing a spark.

          And that WoW art style really doesn't help.

    Tracey, the site looks strange today! I don't think I've heard of another redesign for the layout :P

    I must say it's still better than the US layout...

      Did you say Strange?

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