While You Were Sleeping

Ah sleep. Next to food you're like the best thing. Do you know what's also a good thing? Game news. Sadly we can't keep up with game news and sleep. OR CAN WE!

The iPad, yesterday was all about the iPad, and it seems as though the US are starting to catch up a bit. This article claims that the iPad will never win over over the 'core' Xbox gamer. I have to completely disagree with that assertion.

This is a bit awesome: apparently the original Fallout could have been about time travelling dinosaurs and monkey murder. Yep — Time. Travelling. Dinosaurs. I'd like to have a word with whoever it was that convinced the Fallout team that was a bad idea.

A hacker talks about cracking the Vita, every game apparently sounds better in German, and BioShock Infinite apparently features an evil robot George Washington.

In Short Fallout Could've Been About Time Travelling Dinosaurs And Monkey Murder Why Apple's iPad Won't Win Over The Xbox Gamer Cracking The Vita: A Hacker Speaks Evil Robot George Washington Is One Of BioShock Infinite's Big Villains From Metal Gear Solid To Portal 2, Every Video Game Sounds Better In German


    ME3 release was almost forgotten thanks to the new iPad.

    Mike Krahulik, artist of Penny Arcade, has tweeted about the Penny Arcade Lego Project on Cuusoo:

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