While You Were Sleeping

I now know there is a thing called sleep debt. After getting zilcho sleep over the weekend, my plan is to fully go to sleep at 7pm tonight. It's going to be awesome. Oh, and VIDEO GAME NEWS!

I think this is a pretty cool story. Polyphony Digital, the creators of the Gran Turismo series, were spotted doing research at Mount Panorama. Could it be that this legendary track/regular road is going to make it into Gran Turismo 6? You can probably expect to play the game... sometime in 2016?

Remember that Bethesda/Mojang stramouche over the usage of the word 'Scrolls' as the name of Notch's next game? Well, apparently it's been settled. No need for bloodshed or an awesome game of Quake to settle things.

What is full contact bingo? The person who asks this question has clearly never been to a bingo hall in Glasgow. A Pokemon champion has his title stripped from him as a result of poo related shenanigans, and why we should probably all just ignore Roger Ebert from now on.

In Short Title Stripped From Pokemon Champion Whatever The Hell Full Contact Bingo Is, EA's Trademarked It Rumour: Polyphony Digital Spotted Taking Photos Of Mount Panorama For New Gran Turismo Bethesda Settles Lawsuit With Mojang Whoe Game Can Be Called Scrolls Rant: Can We All Please Ignore Roger Ebert From Now On? Thanks


    I feel like I'm in some serious debt this morning.

      Me to, after being invited to a "get together" byone of my friends only to have her try to flog Amway to us, really not happy :( lol

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