While You Were Sleeping

I AM AWAKE! What happened while I was sleeping? I must know! TELL ME!

Here's a viewpoint I completely disagree with, in fact, it makes me a little angry! Dudes — anyone up for a petition to change this guy's article? Of course, I'm jesting. But Jason over at Kotaku US makes an argument for game stories being patched. This caused a bit of controversy here yesterday, so it might be worth reading.

This story is fascinating and, if I have time, I hope to read it properly later this afternoon. It's a story about a video game based on a true story — great job Stephen Totilo. I love this type of piece.

Tony Hawk Pro Skater HD, apparently is feels the same, but just a little bit different! This is an awesome Halo fan film, and could this be the world's youngest FPS player?

In Short If Games Can Be Patched, Why Can't Their Stories Normal Life, Extraordinary Death And The Video Game That Wasn't Meant To Be Halo Fan Films Never Look This Good Tony Hawk Pro Skater HD Feels The Same But Different Is This The World's Youngest FPS Player?


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