While You Were Sleeping

While you were sleeping, I was wide awake. I have just returned from GDC in San Francisco and my body is readjusting to living in THE FUTURE and not receiving hourly doses of delicious pie. So while I curl into the foetal position and suffer pie withdrawal symptoms, here's some news.

They set out to make $US400,000. They've now passed the $US3,000,000 mark. We're assuming there will be some champagne popping over at Double Fine Studios today.

Video game reviews sure can be a pain in the backside. Between criticism of the reviewer not being "objective" enough to accusations of bribery, it's hard to write a video game review without being pounced on. So are game reviewers con men?

A former Sony exec, Phil Harrison, is crossing over to head up Xbox in Europe, and, oh man, Pokemon are amazing.

In short Double Fine Adventure Kickstarter passes 3m mark Maybe video game reviewers are con men Former PlayStation exec taking over Microsoft Studios Europe Don't make Pokemon angry


    Is that your puppy? ^_^

      Sure is!

    That dog's not even sleeping! God Kotaku AU, don't you guys have editors?!!

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