While You Were Sleeping


Diablo III has been confirmed for May 15, 2012. The game will be available in retail store and digitally via Blizzard's website.

For those anticipating a hardware announcement from Microsoft this year E3, Microsoft have squashed rumours that the next Xbox will be shown. Instead, they will be focusing on software.

This is the role that Metacritic plays in determining developer bonuses (it's pretty sad), there was going to be a Mass Effect first-person shooter, and Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition has been announced.

In short Diablo III is coming on May 15 Microsoft: the new Xbox won't be shown at this year's E3 Why are game developer bonuses based on review scores There was going to be a Mass Effect first-person shooter Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition announced: servers explode


    What?!? Diablo III confirmed for release two years ago?!? If Blizzard can pull off time travel, they'll go down as the most bad-ass game developers evar.

      2010 was the best year of all time.

    I already played through and finished Diablo 3 while I was doing a favour for Bobby and volunteering some creative directorship for the game.

    Nice pyjama pants! ;-)

      I'm more mesmerised by that lovely orange vest thingy.

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